How to Support Small Businesses during a crisis


March 17, 2020

These are scary times and uncharted waters we are navigating here with the coronavirus. I refuse to contribute to the fear and paranoia that is constantly pumped out by the media. We have a choice. We can be smart, educated and level headed in times like this or we can run around like chicken little. I am so proud of the people rallying behind to support small businesses in this time of cold shut down. This is for the best of the entire long term economy and health of our nation. We can put the time in now and see the other side sooner than if we continue to live out “business as usual”.
The Found Cottage, my small business, has closed down for a month or two before but we had it planned. We had sales in place, finances in order and it was typically because we were going to remodel the store. We luckily were planning a close to remodel this week but who knows how long this is going to be. Many businesses were not planning to close and it came cold and fast. I think the lesson we can all learn from this is to always have a backup plan. It might have sounded crazy before this but we live in a different world now.

Yellow Silk dress with snake books

How to support small business


So now what? Restaurants and bars are closed, shops as big as Nordstrom are shuttering their doors as well as mom and pops around the corner. How can we support our small shops during this difficult time? Here are a few ways that as a small business owner I would find helpful if you have the ability to do so.

  1. ) Shop on socials. Many brick and mortar shops cannot afford to have an e-commerce website so many ship directly through IG or Facebook. For The Found Cottage if you see something you like (like this yellow dress for $42) you can email and our manager will send you an invoice. A lot of stores are doing this right now on their accounts trying to keep employees paid and busy.
  2. ) Buy gift certificates online to use for later. Cash is king right now for businesses. Businesses might be closed but rents are still due. If you want to see your favorite restaurants in business on the other side of this pandemic buy gift certificates that you know you’ll be back to use anywhere.
  3. ) If you are not able to be supportive financially during this time, support socially. Tell others about your favorite businesses, maybe they could shop right now. Some of my favorite stores are
    Frances Jaye
    Spring Sweet 
    Stems Market
    The Cotton Shed
    Tweed Baby Outfitters
    There are so many more but you can read my other favorite: brunches, coffee shops, foodie places and shopping

How to support small business in a crisis

How to support small business in a crisis Yellow Silk Dress


Things are scary right now but to see so many people joining together in solidarity is up lifting. People are joining together and isolating to keep our at risk population safe and the pressure off of our hospitals as much as possible. Thank you for doing your part and making the necessary sacrifices. Thank you for rallying behind small businesses and supporting us during this difficult time. We appreciate you and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces again.

Yellow dress is from The Found Cottage ( We ship! Just email

Yellow Silk Dress

Yellow Found Cottage Dress



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