My Favorite Coffee Shops in West Michigan


February 13, 2020

I am continuing with my campaign to get you all to come and visit Michigan. In addition to an excellent food, wine and beer culture (as well as an emerging cocktail culture) we also have incredible coffee shops. People joke that we have a church on every corner, I would argue along side them we have a coffee shop. You can usually find me in one of them as it’s my preferred place to work. I put my headphones in, get caffeinated and get to work. There are so many options depending on what you are in the mood for. I have put them in to categories based on regions.

My Favorite West Michigan Coffee Shops

Grand Rapids: I know this covers a huge area but I don’t even know where to begin with mapping them out. I am going to only list the ones that I frequent even though there are dozens.

Lyon Street – this one is located next to nantucket bakery and martha’s vineyard. If you have getting groceries or lunch in your future this is a great place to park yourselves. This one also has free parking. Get there early though because it gets busy late morning.

Ferris Downtown – located on the corner in downtown grand rapids this is great for people watching. It’s small and swanky.

Madcap – the OG of craft coffee in Grand Rapids. This is located on monroe center (and also has a location near the farmers market on Fulton) but the downtown one is better. I love the big windows that let in the natural light.

Ferris on winter – This location has free parking and a great patio for when the weather is warm.

Squibb – Doubles as a wine bar and has free parking in back. Great lunch options as well.

New Hotel Mertens – A great spot to get a fresh pastry and lunch while you work.

Rowsters – Located on the corner of wealthy st. Next to Mokaya 

Stovetop Roasters – pictured here. Free parking in the back. Plenty of seating and great coffee. Vegan and GF baked goods offered.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in West Michigan

Grandville: There is really only specialty coffee shop between Holland and Grand Rapids and that is Wildroast. It’s large so you can always find a place to sit, the baristas are super friendly and there is plenty of free parking.

Saugatuck: Uncommon grounds. Best baked goods, free parking but limited tables.

The best coffee shops to work at in West Michigan

Holland: There is free parking in downtown holland and my great spots to take a break and grab lunch. Plus you’re only miles from the beach. Can’t beat that!

Lemonjellos – My first specialty coffee shop I have ever visited. I spent many college days here sipping chai frattes (my waistline can’t handle those now) and studying away. It’s still one of my favorite coffee shops in terms of coffee served. I love their buzzed latte and the honey bran muffin.

205 – This coffee shop is newer in town and in the summer the sides open up so the fresh air blows in. It’s marvelous.

Ferris Downtown Holland – Formerly JP’s, Ferris has given the space a facelift with beautiful wallpaper and plenty of tables to work at.

My Favorite West Michigan Coffee Shops

There are so many different fun places to meet and work around west Michigan and it’s even better with coffee. My fellow michiganders did I leave anything out? What are your favorites? I’m always hunting down coffee shops while traveling what are your favorites?

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My Favorite Coffee Shops in West Michigan My Favorite West Michigan Coffee Shops

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  1. Jane says:

    Love this!! From upper Michigan and will be visiting Grand Rapids for the first time this April so this is good to know. Also can’t wait to see your shop can’t decide if I’m going to bring a trailer or not thanks Abby for the info I love following along your stories and little Otto oh my gosh what a joy to watch❤️

  2. Stephanie says:

    We love Roots on Seward, not far from Bridge St. Market! When I’m not drinking coffee, the ginger lime tea is so good!

  3. Kelly says:

    317 Coffee is one of our favorites!

  4. Barb Langlois says:

    Grand Haven….Sidelines/Odd Side Ales on Washington
    Muskegon – aldea on Pine Street, Coffee Factory on Washington

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