My Favorite West Michigan Brunches


January 15, 2020

It is my personal mission to get all of you to come and visit us in the great lake state of Michigan. Growing up I did not realize what amazing resources we have in our beautiful state. I thought Michigan was so boring and couldn’t wait to venture out to some place exciting like New York or California. It’s true those states are absolutely fabulous but there is something special and undiscovered about Michigan. Michigan has dozens and dozens of beautiful state parks, amazing farm to table restaurants and activities and festivals going on at all time.  A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite foodie places, this week I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite Michigan brunch restaurants!

I could go on and on all over this state. It’s overwhelming how many awesome restaurants we have here in Michigan. It seems in the last ten years they have been opening like crazy and some of them are absolutely incredible. I thought about going neighborhood by neighborhood but in the end thought it would be best to divide and conquer by categories. Since I’m a huge fan of Sunday brunch, I thought best to start with my favorite west Michigan brunch spots.

My favorite Michigan Restaurants

New Hotel Mertens – Joe and I love going here because the ambiance is incredible it is all original 1900’s hotel right down to the plaster walls and penny tile. It is located next to street parking and a garage if that is full. My favorite thing to get here is the quiche lorraine and Joe and I usually split a bottle of bubbles for mimosas (under $20). The theme is french but it’s still casual. If you go for brunch it is very kid friendly.

Long Road Distillers – If you go right away in the morning it’s usually quiet and kid friendly. They have amazing brunch cocktails (distillery) and a full brunch menu. Personally I like to split a bunch of the small plates especially the pimento cheese. They are these sweet dough balls, fried and served with pimento cheese. I can eat an entire plate myself and sometimes I do.

Butchers Union – It’s been a while since I have been here for weekend brunch because typically it is very busy (lunch is easier during the week). It’s worth the wait though. The food is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend the shrimp and grits. It’s kid friendly for lunch and brunch if you go earlier in the morning.

Food Dance – This place is south in downtown Kalamazoo. The ingredients are fresh and local and they always have amazing specials. Joe and I get one thing, the Do Si Do Omelet. At least one person at your table has to get it. It’s our all time favorite omelet. This place is also kid friendly.

The Southerner – Located in Saugatuck right on the water. This fried chicken restaurant has a fantastic brunch on the weekends. The biscuits and gravy is to die for. They also have a great southern breakfast cocktail menu. This place is small and if you can get there early you won’t have a wait, it’s worth it though. Plus downtown Saugatuck is absolutely charming.

My favorite Michigan Restaurants

There are literally hundreds of places to get brunch around West Michigan but these are the ones that Joe and I have on a regular rotation. The key to brunch is getting there early if you do not want to wait but even if you do, it’s always worth it. Happy brunching!

What to order at my favorite restaurants

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  1. Mary Jo Eldridge says:

    Have you ever been to Wolfgang’s in East town GR? A charming little hole in the wall with delicious breakfasts.

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