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February 12, 2020

With the recent news of the Deva Curl class action lawsuit I have decided to wait until they release an official statement with the test results of the product. While I personally have never had an issue with the product and it worked great for my hair, there have been numerous reports of women losing mass amounts of hair after using the shampoo and conditioner. At this time I do not feel comfortable recommending a product that has so many unanswered questions and issues. This left me in search yet again of the next best thing..what I found.. might just be even better.

The best bargain curl hair product

I have read up on the curly girl method and honestly… I just don’t have the time for it. I barely have time to wash my hair let alone finger coil it. I need a fully functional product that will hold up for a few days until I can wash again. I turned to my internet friend Chloe  who is always testing out products for a new route. I tried a couple products from Mizani and I had mixed reactions. With Mizani, less is more. Too much and it really weighs your hair down.
Mizani Miracle Milk Leave In Conditioner: Loved.  I keep it in the shower and give a few spritz’s to soaking wet hair.
Mizani Curl Pudding: Meh. This one was very heavy. If you have super thick hair this might be a good option. It’s not bad for finer hair if you use a sparse amount instead of a gel.

I also tried the Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Foam and it was not good. I felt like I was adding foam soap to my hair and it had no hold and gave no volume.

Deva Curl Lawsuit Alternative product choice

Ok now for the mane event (see what i did there?) I have found the best new product for my hair and it’s an absolute steal! I am obsessed with the Not Your Mothers line of curl products. Specifically the Mousse.
The best part! The products are all under $10! That is over half of what I’ve been paying for other curl products. That just proves just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.

Here are the products I’ve been using and How I’ve been applying them.

Shampoo and Condition as usual using the Not your Mothers products.
While I am still in the shower with soaking wet hair I spritz on the Mizani Miracle Milk and follow up with scrunching in the NYM Mousse (head upside down and hair soaking wet). After I get out of the shower I squeeze in a dime size amount of the NYM curl Gel and diffuse dry with this blow dryer using the diffuser attachement that is sold with it.
I then fix the fly aways by using this wand and then finishing with the john frieda secret weapon finishing cream. I also keep one in my purse in case of rain or humidity.

So far I’ve been super happy with the product line and have had a few other curly hair friends use the mousse with awesome results. As always it’s best to find what works for you but if you are on the hunt for a new product, I highly recommend this one.

Don’t have curly hair? Friends have told me they also make a great dry shampoo and have a line for straight hair.

How I get the best curls using this bargain curly hair curl product

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