one year surgerversary


October 4, 2018

this day seemed so far off from where i was sitting last year at this time. i’ve been weeping all morning but a completely different kind of tears. it’s amazing when i close my eyes i can remember the smells, the lights, the exhaustion. all of it. it seems so close but so so long ago. today is the one year anniversary from otto’s open heart surgery.

we have been so so blessed to have such a wonderful event free year since then. we have been doing our best to live life to the absolute fullest. we have finally got into some swing of normalcy with work, daycare and the like. we are planning to go apple picking, cider sipping and more. i shared a lot on my instagram stories this morning but we are just overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your prayers and support over the last year. we wouldn’t be here without the grace of God and the support of your prayers.

there are few moments in my life that i can remember so vividly. but the majority have happened over the last year and i will carry with me forever. i became a mother, i became a mother of a child with special health needs. i had to physically give my child up back over to the doctors. and i eventually gave my child up back over emotionally to God.

we were not supposed to be in this place right now. we were supposed to have been back in the hospital more than our one surgery this year. i believe in miracles and i believe that we have one. i believe there is a walking babbling miracle in my house. there may be surgeries in our future and there is a lot of uncertainty. but God is good friends. i have full faith that we are in the comfort of his arms and he has this.

today we are going to CELEBRATE the beautiful day that is today with only happy tears and too tight of squeezes.

you can read more of our surgery journey here. 

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