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February 18, 2014

Progress on the small cottage bathroom has slowed as the snow refuses to give it up and we physically can’t get to pentwater (the snow was up to our waist the last time we went). the winter storm warnings up there is a 2 to 1 ratio. in fact i have an alert they have one until thursday.
anyway let’s talk about the small cottage bathroom.
this is what it looked like when we bought it. it wasn’t too bad but the beadboard is kind of crummy, the entire place kind of stunk, the toilet needs to be replaced.. etc. Basically, like the rest of the house, it needs to be gutted.
Small Cottage Bathroom in pentwater
in an effort to do SOMETHING i painted the entire small cottage bathroom white and painted the cubbies with chalk board paint. here is the thing though i hate it. i thought this light would be cute but it kind of turns everything blue because of the shade….A for effort though right?
Small Cottage Bathroom in pentwater with blue light


you can see i stopped painting because well…i didn’t like it. and the floor needs to be replaced. I have a feeling I wasted my time putting lipstick on a pig with this small cottage bathroom but it will do for now until we can afford to properly replace and gut the bathroom.


doesn’t look too bad but I still want to get rid of it all.
The jars are just something I found around the pentwater thrift shops but they serve zero purpose. Which makes no sense when you are limited on space with a small cottage bathroom. Eventually this will all come down but I wanted to make it look nice before we left for our visit.
now i need to look up some small bathroom inspiration.
I love how the white makes everything look fresh and clean in this bathroom. I’m not crazy about the birds but I love that pop of red.


I like the natural color of the wood windows in this bathroom.


Our small cottage bathroom is not big enough for a tub but I love the color of the wall and the small sink in this bathroom.


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