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April 1, 2014

We made some more penthouse progress last weekend in the form of our cottage ceiling.

We finally got the majority of the ceiling insulated and put the panels up. As much as I really really really wanted those beams exposed, it was more important to me to keep heat and cool air in, especially if we were going to use this place in the winter time.

My parents came up to help install and we (the guys) got the roof about 90% finished. we have a few feet left and have to re-frame the bathroom (it’s ummm carved out with plywood from the previous owner) and then finish the ceiling.

After the cottage ceiling is installed and the walls are up I hope to paint the entire entire walls and ceiling white dove by Benjamin Moore.

I am learning that will such a small house painting the entire cottage white makes it feel open and airy. The entire house is under 900 sq feet so the bigger feeling the better.

Installing the tongue and groove cottage ceiling
This was last weekend pulling out all the nails, so many nails. It took literally hours to walk around and pull all of the nails from the beams so that the tongue and groove panels would lay flush against the beams and insulation.
pulling out all of the nails in the ceiling to install the tongue and groove panels

We have not yet decided on ceiling lights for the cottage yet but if we end up painting everything white I love the idea of jet black modern lights to contrast. Two might seem over kill here but we are in a heavily shaded area so light is key.

We are waiting on an electrician to come and finish all of the electrical work in the house. When we moved in nothing was up to code so it was removed in the demo.

making progress with the tongue and groove ceiling

The cottage ceiling is almost complete! Next up is paint!

Getting the ceiling ready for lights


adding insulation and the ceiling


adding more insulation to the tiny cottage ceiling


almost finished with the tongue and groove cottage ceiling


almost finished with the tongue and groove cottage ceiling now just need lights


need to add trim to the cottage ceiling


one spot left to the cottage ceiling


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