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July 16, 2014

ah yes the penthouse small cottage bathroom.

It feels like for the past year we’ve been doing projects that show little progress but they were much needed. What we continuously thought would be a cosmetic makeover has morphed into a total gut job on this house.

Projects like removing mildew, reframing walls, electric,  plumbing, hot water heater etc.

we tackled the small cottage bathroom last weekend by gutting it. finding more mildew (there was no ventilation in that bathroom so the water just kind of hung out) insulating it and putting new panels back up.

we were going to leave it and decorate it but given our experience with the rest of the house we thought it best to tear it down. and so we did. it was so small it took us 20 minutes to gut everything.

see previous small cottage bathroom photos

removing all of the walls from the small cottage bathroom
Light from the small cottage bathroom
stuck with the original light from the fairly modern design plan
old walls from the cottage bathroom
new ceiling going in the small cottage bathroom
adding insulation
Finishing the insulation and adding trim to the floor.
ok so now we are almost done paneling. we have to put up the baseboards and trim. i think we are going to try and tile the shower…maybe… i need to take a few tilling classes or we might just find a handyman to finish it for us. we are also going to be adding wood or wood laminate flooring in lieu of tile and then painting the wood paneling dove white from Benjamin Moore . now here is my question to you…
this is the sink area. it cuts in. i really want to paint the ceiling (and paint the ceiling in the shower) then have wall paper in the sink area…. what do you think? or should i paint it all white? I feel like with such a small space wallpaper might be overwhelming and we should just keep it simple.
Figuring out what to do with this small hole
Or do I say forget it and paint the whole bathroom white? we went with the vintage bronze lights what do you all think?

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