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January 24, 2017

ok so i finally finally finally started ripping down the wallpaper for the downstairs entry/bathroom/pool room. this room comes right in off the back deck from the pool and porch area and is also the only bathroom on the main floor. the bathroom is behind the door in the hallway.

i’ve decided to start this project bit by bit. i am going to rip all the wallpaper down first and tackle the hallway first and then the bathroom because i think i am going to tile the walls of the bathroom. but that is a big big project right? right.

ok so i have decided a few things. 1.) the wallpaper has to come down 2.) the ceiling is going to be painted 3.) the wood trim is going to be painted. don’t hate me, hear me out. the wood trim is very orange against the pink and behind the other door is a red wood which is very very pretty. it’s just too many shades of wood. ok? now the real question is… do i paint the wood lockers. they are also very orange. would it look to puzzle piece if i left them the natural wood or should i paint them to match the wood trims and window seats? i’ll share my paint colors once i’ve nailed them down (and picked up swatches).

so i have the walls pictured above torn down and i am going to replace that wallpaper with a different favorite wallpaper. (remind me i chose to hang more wallpaper in 5 years ok?) but come on! it’s rifile paper co and it’s classic. i’ve loved it for three years.. i know this because i bought it three years ago and am just getting to this project. the paint swatches on the wallpaper were deep green colors i was testing out for the wood. they weren’t quite right so it was back to the drawing board. oh and for the record, i am not the brains behind this operation. my pal dann (who helped pick out like every color in my house) is the genius behind it. i tell him what i’m feeling and he knows like every swatch by heart. he’s a good friend to have around (and not just for picking out paint colors).

this is the wallpaper that is going up. it matches the pink and blues in the tile absolutely perfect. i can’t wait to have this up. you know how much i love sparkly gold. you can’t tell from the photos but this has traces of shine through it and i think it’s really going to make that entryway pop!

i hung this light in the front entryway and i love it so much i think i’m going to carry it into the back. it comes with a smaller shade option and i think it will be a perfect fit on the ceiling to replace the boob lights. (why are boob lights in every single house) (oh come on you know what i’m talking about). so far the walls are as far as i got but i feel good i have a plan. what do you think? paint the lockers or leave them?



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  1. Lisa says:

    Definitely paint the lockers! I am not usually a “paint real wood” kinda gal, especially if the wood work is original to the house, but….don’t take this wrong, I just don’t feel that your wood is original. It does have that 80’s orange tinge to it! I apologize if I am wrong! Can’t wait to see updates. Feel free to stop by and critique my rooms. I am just getting my blog back up and running!

  2. Barb says:

    Paint trim and lockers. Too orange. Totally agree.

  3. Carri says:

    Definitely paint! I did and don’t regret it!! Happy demo!

  4. Beth Bricker says:

    Paint pick a color to tie in with the deep red/brick in the wallpaper. SW6054 canyon clay or SW6319 or similar.

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