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January 25, 2017

i’ve been dreaming of summer projects. last year joe and i did a really good job of making our project priority list and sticking to it. we really focused on the front of the house landscaping and getting that in order and we finally got that done thanks to the help of my pal jess. this year it’s all about the pool area. we need to redo the back deck (the wood is rotting) and clear out all the debris and overgrown bushes. i want to put in something really simple like a boxwood hedge and call it a day. but the major project is going to be the pool shed.


when your lovely old farmhouse does not have air conditioning…you tend to spend a lot of time out in the pool area. it’s shaded, it’s cool…it’s lovely. some of our best days last summer were spent just floating and drinking rum punch. (can we do that right now please?) i don’t need a full on house structure built off by the pool area that would be a bit overkill. i’m thinking more along the lines of a three walled cute lean to that i can put my outdoor table and bar in, grill etc all in. and if possible some storage for pool supplies. (aka my floating swan raft)


i really like how open and airy these examples are. i just need something probably white to match my house. i want to use the mint stools i found last year at target for the bar (they’ve been sitting in my screen room since last april) and really just create a nice place to lounge and hang out in the summer when we get home from work and on the weekends. i think the biggest expense of it all is actually going to be clearing out the debris and leveling everything out. has anyone else ever put in a pool shed? tips, tricks and things you wish you would have known before you got started?



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