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March 16, 2017

i’m coming up on my one year anniversary at phyx in grandville and i’m proud to say that this just might be the longest i have ever stuck with a workout. i know i’ve said it before but there is something special about this place. the women and men there are so encouraging and welcoming. you truly are like part of the family. some are training for shows and contests and some (like me) are just trying to get back on a path of healthier living and strength.

their newest addition to the gym is a full out juice, smoothie and meal service kitchen that is open the same hours of the gym. yesterday i had a sample of the “shamrock shake” of course no ice cream but it was really good! i signed up last year after my miscarriage determined to be able to control something my body was doing. i know that i if stuck closer to my macros for food i would probably have lost more actual fat but there is always a goal right? i have lost about 10lbs over the course of this year and this is the first year i haven’t annually gained any weight. i’ve also changed the composition of my body. pants i wore on my honeymoon somehow fit even though i was still about 20lbs heavier now! crazy what a little muscle can do.

well now i’m 20 weeks pregnant and the personal training appointments with nicki have allowed me to continue being healthy and active during pregnancy. i asked her to share some nice and simple yet effective pregnancy workouts for everyone that can be done at the gym or at home.

please note: always consult your doctor before attempting a workout while pregnant. i was told by my doctor as long as i don’t increase in intensities or attempt anything new (like try to become a marathon runner) i can stay the course just listen to my body. 

nicki recommends using the scale of rate of perceived exertion, 0-10. pregnant ladies should stick between 3 – 5 which she says can easily talk but not sing out loud. i wanted to keep working out during pregnancy because studies have shown it lowers your risk of gestational diabetes, sometimes has easier deliveries and your body bounces back a little quicker after baby comes.

i’m not going to lie, even though i’m obviously growing a human it has been really hard for me to gain the weight. i have not changed up my routine and my eating habits and my body is just doing what it’s supposed to do. weight gain is going to happen with pregnancy but it’s still really hard to not see it as lost progress. but that is why i continue to work out. it gives me control and keeps “us” healthy.

every week we focus on arms, legs and all over body finishing with abs. nicki always makes me do some sort of squats because it strengthens your booty to help reduce lower back and pelvic pain. squats can also help you prepare for labor by mirroring certain positions you can hold to help you cope with contractions and help baby descend deeper down into the pelvis (yikes). nicki suggests doing squats until you are no longer comfortable or if you baby isn’t in optimal position. i have been doing squats with weights and body bars for a while so i continue to use those but if you are new to squats/working out use the TRX trainer or just good old fashioned body weight.

in addition to squats and lower body you can also do a select variety of ab exercises. we typically end our workout with planks because it strengthens your deep core muscles while improving your posture. also it’s safe for the baby because it is not applying direct pressure to your belly. it can be uncomfortable to lye flat on your back so this is a safe and effective alternative to crunches.

i’ve asked nicki to show us some more pregnancy friendly exercises that i hope to share with you soon. if you would like a consultation or even just a tour of the gym you should come by (if you’re local). if you’ve been reading my blog for a few years you know that i’ve struggled to ever enjoy working out (and i still don’t) but i really really appreciate the attention and personalized workouts here. i tell myself every time “you can do anything for 30 minutes” and that helps me have a positive attitude to go in there and get it done.

cheers to 20 weeks friends!

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