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March 15, 2017

we had an exciting day at the farm! our sheep had their ultrasounds for lambs! i don’t think most people get ultrasounds for their sheep. pretty sure that is reserved for the novice farmers. but when the vet offered to come out my curiosity got the best of me. we’ll see how that changes once we get the bill… but regardless it is comforting to know that we were right, they’re all three pregnant and bab’s is for sure having twins!

i did feel a little guilty having a bigger reaction to the appearance of twins than i did my own kid at first but it was just such a fun surprise! we think that betty might also have twins but the vet was really just there to confirm that they were all expecting.

it was so funny to watch joe try and flip giant pregnant sheep on their hind ends so the vet could access their bare bellies. they did not seem so thrilled about the ultrasound jelly either but once they are stuck on their hind ends they really don’t move because they get a little scared. but even little bebe was with “lamb”.

the vet said we should expect to start seeing them any time within the next week! i took some fun videos of us finding the two heart beats on babs!

can’t wait! call me crazy… kind of want to install cameras in the barn for lamb watch 2017… how do i do that lol.

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  1. Susan says:

    How neat, we have just a few sheep and have artificially inseminated our ewe the last two years, so to make sure it stuck we had our vet do an ultrasound early on. It was the neatest thing except this last time we saw three early on but come delivery day we had two live ones and the third one was born very small and already deceased so that was hard. Good luck with your babies!

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