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November 6, 2019

Everyone has that friend. That friend that always knows what is up and coming, the secret sales and the newest IG style accounts to follow. The friend that when you are in a store debating about which size or style to get will always give it to you straight and tell you which one you should go with. For me that friend is Taylor. Or as I like to call her now after watching a series of vines about a deer name tay tay, Tay-Tay. Tay Tay and I go back to when we took tap dance lessons together about a billion years ago when we were kids. Our moms became friends so in true 90’s fashion we became friends. We grew up in the same town, went to difference colleges and now as adults rekindled our friendship in recent years.

outfit details
skirt: anthropologie size 10 On sale
jacket: anthropologie size m 
shoes: tory burch size 9.5 (went up 1/2 size) 
bow blouse: atlantic pacific for nordstrom size L
secret shape wear: amazon XL

ps. See how else I styled this jacket here.
The perfect fall outfit to wear on a crisp day date.

One day over pedicures Tay Tay told me about this amazing shape wear she bought off of amazon. I have to be honest I never buy clothes or accessories off of amazon because I just don’t know how things fit or if they are as good in real life as they are online. She swore this shape wear was amazing and I took her recommendation and purchased both the shorts and the thong version. (ps. I hate typing out the word thong).

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived! The quality compared to the price was a higher value than what I was anticipating. It has more give and stretch to it than my Spanx brand product (and 1/6 of the price) and it also has a light boning structure up the sides to keep it from rolling down but is still comfortable to sit down in. I did notice that the shorts version was a little tight around the thigh but it gave a bit throughout the day and now fits perfect.

I went a size up from the what the sizing chart told me I was and they fit perfectly. I took an XL in the shorts and a XXL in the thong. Nobody has time for a tight thong, Ladies am I right? I was even pleased with how well they washed up. As a test I washed and tumble dried on low and they held their shape and fabric as good as new.

Atlantic Pacific for Nordstrom black and white bow shirt with collar. I took a size Large it runs a bit small.

This skirt from anthropologie is very form fitting and the pleats needed to be smoothed out. This was the perfect test run for my new shape wear underneath. My concern now is are these the gateway to order more treasures on amazon? Because we all know the last thing I need is another place to order online stuff especially when it can get delivered out into the country in 24 hours.

Have you found any amazon treasures lately? Share the links below!

Plaid Sanctuary Knit jacket from Anthropologie. I took a size M because the jacket runs large and has a little bit of stretch to it.

How to wear a form fitting skirt with the best amazon prime shape wear for under ten dollars

Golden yellow skirt with the perfect amazon prime shape wear for under ten dollars.

Atlantic Pacific Bow Shirt. White shirt with black bow detail from Nordstrom.

Do you be-leaf in magic? The perfect fall outfit for working around town. Sanctuary blazer with golden yellow anthropologie skirt.

Atlantic Pacific Bow Shirt. White shirt with black bow detail from Nordstrom.

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  1. Geri says:

    Taylor ordered them for me, I love them!!

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