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April 13, 2017

tomorrow it will be the two week birthday of the bash brothers and almost 4 weeks since boo boo was born. WHAT GIVES BETTY!?! I swear she and that april giraffe are having a stand off to see who can outlast the other. I have never seen a sheep so big and pregnant and cranky as betty. a sign of things to come? now in her defense she could have been the last one to be impregnated but still… this is getting a little ridiculous.

the rest of the sheep seem to be thriving. we have let them out in the pasture a few times now that the twins are a little older and have started re acclimating bab’s back into the flock. however we have to keep an eye on her because sometimes she forgets her babies behind her and they can’t keep up. this usually happens when it’s treat time. yea yea yea i know we give our sheep treats. but we are working really hard on building their trust to make shearing season a little easier. note: they HATE shearing season. even if we play ed sheeran in the barn while doing it (see what i did there?)

it’s funny to watch how babs (short for barbara) and bebe (pronounced bae bae) are such different mothers. bebe doesn’t let booboo out of her site ever. the two of them are always together and have not only the same mannerisms but the same markings. they are truly like a mini mi couple. babs is a take it or leave it kind of mom. more hands off. now if the bash brothers get too far away from her she’s sure to herd them back in to her side and they still all sleep together cuddled up in the barn stall but shes a little more independent than bebe.

betty is just betty… the almighty ring leader and most likely pissed off she hasn’t had her lamb(s) ? yet. there has got to be more than one in there for how big she is. but like i said… we wait. betty vs. april the giraffe it’s on like donkey kong.

then of course there is farley. creepy uncle farley as we now call him. he is a castrated male aka wether. his main purpose was to keep stan (may he rest) company because once the lambs come you have to separate the men from the ladies. rams lack all maternal instinct. they have 2 goals in their lives: sex and food. i told joe not to take any lessons after all stan died. once you peel away the bucolic layers of farming you’ll find that most male farm animals only ever have two things on their brains: sex and food. that even counts for the roosters. sampson my lone rooster has taken a liking to all of the chickens we have decided to allow to free range. after a nice breakfast of scraps and scratch he takes it upon himself to “greet” each red hen. it’s vulger and hurts my eyes but it’s natures way i guess.

oh farley sorry, we were talking about him. we call him creepy uncle farley because the lambs are always so curious about him and we always joke around that he boots them away yelling “beat it kid I ain’t your dad”. things get a little nutty sometimes around here. anyway, farley not the biggest lamb fan but kind of has just been keeping to himself.

so now we continue to sit and wait for the last update to the farm critters.

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