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April 28, 2021

If you scroll through all of the spring outfit suggestions on Pinterest you will no doubt come in to contact with ads for SHEIN Official. Tempted in the past, I never pushed the “Purchase Now” button on the site. I always thought no way this is that price. It’s probably going to come ten sizes too small or it will be see through. Can you tell I’ve been burned in the past by random fashion sites on the internet?

No joke, I did order a jacket before from a facebook ad. I ordered a XL and it wouldn’t even fit my sister who was 10 years old at the time. Since then I’ve steered clear, until recently. I saw this fruit patterned blazer on Shein’s ad and I couldn’t resist trying it. I love wearing blazers for work and I thought this would be so fun to mix and match for spring. Since it was under $30 I decided to give it a try. I was just shy of the free shipping threshold so I added this blue toile pattern blazer that was $15. 

Shein Fruit Blazer

I’ve read a lot of reviews online regarding the shipping times and return policy of the Shein Official site. The negative reviews were about longer than average shipping times (before Covid) and lack of customer service response. A vast amount of other reviews stated that their items arrived within the 14 day estimate. My two Shein Blazers were on my doorsteps within 10 days of my order confirmation.

I ordered larges in both blazers based on the reviews of the individual pieces and I have no need to return because the fit is “good enough”. They are not perfectly tailored but then again, what pieces come with the perfect measurements. The larges both have a little room and the fabric has a bit of stretch. I think if I would have sized down they would have been too tight in the arms. Other than pants that are too tight in the thighs, pants that are too tight in the arms are my biggest pet peeve.

Let’s talk about the quality of Shein Official products. I can only speak to the blazer but based on the items I received I would for sure give some other items on the site a try. The blazer material is a blend and has some stretch to it material. These blazers are not made for warmth as the fabric is a bit thin but they do make the perfect spring piece to mix in. I paired them with an Atlantic Pacific bow top and my Jcrew Minnie Pants. For $30 and $15 the jackets are a better quality than the price, meaning I expected worse and was pleasantly surprised. The material is some of the same blends that J.crew or Halogen for Nordstrom offer but at a significantly lower price. Example the bow top was $99 and the jacket was $30. Both had very similar texture and feel.

Right now SHEIN has a coupon for an extra percentage off your purchased based on what you spend. Use promo code FEST2021 for an extra discount.

Shein Review Fruit Blazer

Would I order from Shein Again?

Maybe. I would like to know more about why their clothing and accessory items are so inexpensive. Other than the obvious that the materials and blends used are not the highest of quality but, the price point reflects that. I also am curious to see how these items hold up in the wash.

The most important thing is I want to make sure there are fair and ethical practices being put into the labor to make these clothes. Sometimes the cheaper price tag comes at a higher cost and It’s important to me to know that even though the clothing is inexpensive the labor and working conditions are fair. I couldn’t find a concrete answer when I made my first purchase but the more I thought about it the more I would like a confirmation before placing another order.

The company does not disclose the facilities so it does make it difficult to research.

If I were to order again it wouldn’t be in large quantities and I would seek the advice of other fashion bloggers on what they ordered and their experience. But as for these jackets, they’re fun, functional and for the price, I’m very happy with my first Shein purchase.


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