The pants I had to buy in every color

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August 1, 2019

I have worked in a business casual type setting my entire career. Some are more formal than others in fact the job I had to wear suits at… lasted 9 months. But it was more than just the suit let’s be honest. I was in government affairs which I quickly realized I had not business being in. However this post is about pants not entry level jobs. The office at J & H is on the lighter side of business casual. Basically no denim unless it’s friday. And sometimes I can’t wear skirts because it’s a “lifting day” where I’m moving around giveaways and boxes or a million pound boxes of loyalty cards. those days need pants.

Madewell Emmett Pants on Clearance Madewell Emmett Pants on Clearance the pants I had to buy in every color

I struggle to find “work pants” and hate buying dress pants just for work. I also need to find something that washes well and looks good. I bought my first pair of madewell emmett pants when the blue and white stripe went on clearance for $30. I was hooked. I loved how high waisted they were and that they were meant to be worn cropped at the ankle so I didn’t have to get 4 inches of pant cut off the hem.

Then I discovered that they come in multiple fabrics, denim and colors so naturally as they continued to go on sale towards the middle of summer I stocked up. I bought them in the following colors (see below)

In all of the different fabrics and colors I stuck to my normal size 30. They have a bit of slight give but not enough to make me size down. I do no like pants that fit too tight that are high rise. Let me rephrase that. I don’t like tight pants. They also come in tall sizes and petits. I did not know that that madewell has this capability but you can swipe the photos to find models wearing the pants or item that has a similar size to you. It is totally a game changer when shopping online!

the pants I had to buy in every color

most of the pants are on sale now and are selling out fast. I like to wear these pants with a belt and a graphic tee like pictured here. But i’ve also been wearing them with a tied blouse like this or this. Do you have a favorite pant discovery? share them in the comments below.

the pants I had to buy in every color Madewell Emmett pant is perfect for girls of any size Madewell Emmett pant is perfect for girls of any size

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  1. Barbara Zuleski says:

    They sure look great on you.

  2. Karen says:

    Super cute!! I jumped on the legging bandwagon and never got off. I HATE jeans because as a full figure gal they never fit right. I might have to look into these!!

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