Three Fashion Trends I wish would go away in 2021

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January 11, 2021

The year 2021 is a fresh start, a blank slate. A year that we hopefully will be able to reintroduce ourselves back into everyday society. I hope it is a chance to really get dressed again and go places. While there are some trends I am very excited to see returning like academia style fashion and day to night sequins, there are some fashion trends I wish would go away in the year 2021. I see these trends starting to set up camp at the base of 2021 and I want them to hit the road before they make themselves too comfortable.  Here are three fashion trends I wish would go away in 2021.

Three Fashion Trends I wish would go away in 2021

Trend # 1: Bras as tops, especially under blazers. 
I think that the only person who can get away with this is Chrissy Teigan . Everyone else looks like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gives her friend a bra and the next seen cuts to her wearing it as a top down a New York street.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Michigan girl and there isn’t a ton of places to even attempt to pull off this look but my personal opinion is bras do not belong as a focal point under a blazer. I would probably turn a lot of heads at the farmers market though?

Three fashion trends I hope do not make a resurgence in 2021

Trend #2: Corsets. 

I have a feeling that thanks to shows like Bridgerton we are going to be seeing a resurgence in corset style fashion. I said before that I am a firm believer that there are no new trends just repackaged and reimagined versions of something that came previously. I am in favor of letting go of our sweatshirts and loungewear of 2020 and featuring a more defined silhouette. However I would much rather see it accomplished with waistlines cinched with a belt or fitted, tailored button down tops.  Let’s leave corsets to the early 2000’s version of Christina Aguilera.

Yellow Kate Spade Wool Coat with Fur Collar

Trend #3: Leather (real or faux) outfits. 

In 2019 I saw faux leather jumpsuits and dresses starting to appear prepping for a big moment in 2020 however when the pandemic hit I feel they took a back seat to loungewear. Now.. here leather is thinking 2021 is going to be it’s year. I’m in favor of the classic leather moto jacket or a tasteful leather skirt, I love me some biker chic. However I am not ready for full on jumpsuits and dresses that remind me of the “leather man” skit from SNL. Leather in the form of a spring dress is impractical for a lot of different climates and I feel like the fabric squeaks when you walk. I don’t like people to hear me before they see me and I would feel like a cat with a bell on it.

Kate Spade fur Trimmed yellow coat

These fashion trends I wish would go away in 2021 might look fabulous on some people. My girl Sandae from Curvy Girl on the Run was wearing this amazing green leather anthropologie jumpsuit the first time I met her in person. She pulled this look off effortlessly and looked incredible in it.

Everyone knows I am a bachelor freak and love to sleuth on cast members online. I just adore Hannah G from Coltons season and I think she is cute as a button. She pulls off crop tops and corset style tops unlike any other and looks amazing in them.

These fashion trends I wish would go away for 2021 are ones that for me personally do not work. So if you are leather obsessed don’t come for me. Who knows maybe I’ll turn the corner. However Marie Claire is predicting some trends that I am much more here for like day to night sequins, Bermuda shorts and Feathers.

Kate Spade Canary Yellow Coat with Jeweled buttons

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  1. Lori Dee Desgranges says:

    I wish the ” “tucked in front sweaters” look would go away.

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m with you on the bra tops… if I can see your underboob your shirt is to short!

  3. Sandae Cooke says:

    Oh hey! Thanks for the shoutout! ❤️❤️

  4. Sharon says:

    Can we make the partially tucked shirt go away, please? And I heard shoulder pads are coming back strong….just no. ‍♀️

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