trialed and tested


February 15, 2018

to say that we’ve been trialed and tested this week is a vast and gross understatement. we haven’t had a week like this since the bat episodes in the fall. let me just give you a run down of what we’ve been dealing with over here at the farm

last week friday night our boiler broke. do you know who repairs boilers? 2 people. do you know how many people repair boilers on a weekend? 0 peoples. so we were with out hot water for a few days and luckily the wood stove kept our house heated.

friday night otto was up puking all night. we checked him so many times and couldn’t figure it out. it wasn’t until we called in and were told to come to the ER that i figured out that he was essentially choking on his NG. we still went in where we spent the majority of our saturday because he was running a fever.

saturday night the boiler spews water all over the basement.

sunday we spent the day hiding out because we had barely slept the night before. we showered at my parents before heading home for the night.

monday morning i took otto in for his post er check up and on the way i got a flat tire.

on the way home i swiftly came down with the flu.

joe and otto went to the surgery solo while i stayed home to recover from the flu plague. my first night away from otto since the day he was born.

joe comes home to a major leak in our roof caused by a ice and snow dam on the roof.

i think that pretty much covers it?

it’s been a horrible week. every day i wake up and say this has GOT TO BE better than the previous day. i don’t want to jinx ourselves but so far this day has been a little better. i am home still recovering but my fever is gone and i’m mostly functional. so there is that.

otto is tolerating his g tube and i’m loving seeing those squishy cheeks even though i can’t kiss them quite yet.

so yea this has been a bad week. i’ve been struggling hard mentally and physically with why is this all happening!? let alone all at once?! but honestly when you take a step back none of this is life threatening (well…except maybe my flu) but honestly things can only improve. i’ve had to consistently check my temper and my patience this week. breath (through my mask) and keep moving forward. i’m grateful that joe and otto are home and otto is doing well.

the g tube is going to be a learning curve for me but i’m figuring it out. everything.. we’ll just have to figure it out. everything is just one day at a time.


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