our first trip to the er


February 12, 2018

the groceries have been bought, the house had been cleaned and we were ready for a weekend of hibernation and then a day away. we were going to watch the olympics friday and saturday and then joe and i were going to have a day away to the east side to do adult things. you know ikea and stuff. however none of this. absolutely none of this went to plan.

friday evening otto started not keeping food down like any food down. it was just not like him. he didn’t seem sick? he didn’t really even seem bothered except when he tried to eat (via the tube). saturday morning we said if he didn’t keep his morning feed down we were calling the doctor. he didn’t keep his feed down so they told us to come to the ER. we started packing up and i figured i would give him his medicine before we left. i put it through the tube and he immediately started choking and the orange medicine came out of his mouth. that is how i knew immediately it was a feeding tube issue. i pulled the tube out as fast as i could and he was almost immediately better. the tube had slid through the tape and was resting in his throat rather than going into his stomach so essentially all of the food was just slow dripping into his esophagus and it was coming back up. you know what makes you feel like the worst parent in the world? not putting that together sooner.

we still decided to take him in because you just never know if anything else was done so in we went. we got to the hospital around 9am and were frequented by a few doctors. they discovered he had a small fever and treated that with tylenol and then replaced his tube which was terrible. it was a 180 degree turn around. our boy was so happy and giggly and the second that tube went back in he was a different person. it’s been that way since we left. we spent the rest of the weekend working on getting down that fever (which as of this morning we did) and then helping him with congestion, letting him rest and hopefully feel better before our surgery. we have to take him in this morning to get checked out and i just PRAY they do not delay this surgery. we need to get that tube out of his throat asap. so if you have time to pray this morning just pray that we are healthy enough to move forward with the surgery tomorrow morning.

my mom took him for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon so joe and i could at least get one errand done and have a quiet late brunch to regroup but we are running on minimal sleep and a heap of anxiety about this week oh we should also mention that our boiler broke friday afternoon so we have had no hot water. shout out to our parents who let us come over to shower.

it can only go up from here right?


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