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February 8, 2018

full disclosure before we kick this off that Summer Infant sent me this bath seat. However, I only post about things that I truly love and this bath seat has been a total game changer for otto. so many of you have seen me using it in our instagram stories and have been asking about it so here is some details.

let’s start from the beginning. Otto HATES tubby time. loves being naked, loves being naked in his towel after tub time. but hated actually being in the water. i always afraid of it being too hot so it was usually lukewarm which could have been part of our issue. he also hated laying back in the water. needless to say tubby time was usually full of tears and lasted a few short seconds. typically only long enough to get the barf smell off of him.

the first time i opened the Summer Infant My Bath Seat i was really confused. not thinking out of the box i literally thought .. how does this hold water. Duh abby it’s a chair. mom brain, it’s a real thing. i’m not patient enough to read instructions so i texted the number on the instructions and it texted back an instructional how to video! it was the best thing ever. two seconds later we had that seat set up and ready to go.

you guys… Otto LOVED IT. i can’t even describe what a different baby he was. of course he was a bit unsure at first but for the first bath ever there were no tears! he was just very somber and quiet taking it all in. a few minutes (yes minutes) later he was grabbing his toes and weaving his pudgy fingers through the water. i think it is a combination of being able to sit up (which he’s really in to at the moment) and being completely surrounded but warm sudsy water.

we’ve used it every night so far and bath time lasts about 10 minutes because we are able to use both hands to play with him in the tub teaching him to splash and play in the water (when he doesn’t have a tight grip on his toes).  as always hands free doesn’t mean leave your baby in a bath unattended. but it does give you more hands to play and splash and make them feel safe during tubby time.

thank you again Summer Infant for letting us try this out! we love it. if you want more details or would like to purchase visit here.

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**Thank you to Summer Infant for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.**

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