Twenty Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas for Friends and Kids


January 18, 2021

Valentines Day is most likely going to be spent at home for Joe and I. That means, it’s time for some Valentine’s Day DIY gifts! This is actually the one “holiday” where Joe and I opt to stay home anyway. In previous years the menus are always double the cost and super crowded. We have our own little tradition of staying in and making a fancy dinner ourselves. This tradition came about when one year there was a blizzard on Valentines day. We canceled our reservation and we white knuckle drove to the grocery store up the corner for a few things for dinner. We made these amazing steaks and a parsnip soufflé and ate it in the fancy dining room with candles in our pajamas. We decided from then on out that Valentines would be spent at home, cooking together. It might not seem that different from any other night but on Valentine’s Day we go all out at home.

I miss hanging out with my friends more than ever and I found some fun Valentine’s Day DIY and gift ideas that would be fun to exchange or craft together over zoom. Can anyone else not wait until we are like…zoom what? I’m typically not much of a DIYer in the sense of crafting but since Otto is most likely going to also be spending Valentine’s Day with his parents I thought some fun kids Valentine’s Day DIY projects would be fun to do together as a family.

Twenty valentine's day DIY ideas for adults and kids

Valentines Day DIY ideas for Friends

Anthropologie Rouge Tulle Skirt with Chunky sweater

Valentine’s Day DIY ideas for kids

Sezane Sweater with Tulle Skirt

Even thought Otto might miss his valentine’s day party at school due to us keeping him home because of Covid, we might have to assemble some of these super cute ideas. There are some children in his class with different allergies and I love all of the non food and candy options for a Valentine’s Day diy gift. Otto doesn’t eat candy anyway (except chocolate coins). If you are not in to the crafty Valentine’s Day diy projects I have some great gift ideas for the gardener in a previous post. Wondering what to wear? I got you covered (literally)

Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to wear pink and eat candy. I’m all for it!

Valentine's Day DIY gifts

Greenhouse for two Coffee Shops around Grand Rapids Michigan Dealing with the stress of late winter Valentine's day diy gift ideas for adults and kids

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  1. babs says:

    Love, Love, Love your skirt!!!!!!! the style, the color the fit, you look marvolus.

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