Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

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July 8, 2021

The Holland Farmers market was in full swing yesterday as we are entering into peak summer in Michigan. It was the perfect day to dress up in my new Vera for Anthropologie button up dress that I scored on sale this month. The weather is a bit muggy so lightweight wear was much needed.

I was so pumped when I saw that Anthropologie was collaborating with Vera, a brand that I used to hunt for back when I first started my business and primarily sold vintage clothing out in Holland. Back when you could still find vintage at thrift stores around here, I would spend the afternoons digging in scarf bins looking for the iconic cursive vera signature with the tiny lady bug. Vera (not to be confused with Vera Wang or Vera Bradley) creates iconic bright and cheery patterns for clothing, accessories and home goods.

Anthropologie’s new Vera collaboration (view here) has the most adorable outdoor dishes, home accessories and clothing. I purchased the Confetti Midi Dress pictured here as well as the plaid and oranges outdoor dishes which I thought would be perfect for outdoor dining since we’ve already lost a plate and a glass on the brick patio.

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

This button up midi dress runs a bit on the larger size so I took a medium. Typically at Anthropologie I take a 10/12 or Large but the medium in this Vera dress had plenty of room. The other feature I love on this dress is the material is thicker and not see through. I didn’t have to wear or slip underneath which is really nice considering how hot and humid the weather was this week. Remember that talk we had on the materials and fits of clothing lately? Read that here.

This entire look is currently on clearance including the mint strappy sandals. I scored these on sale at J.Crew. Overall I find their shoes to be a bit on the smaller side so I always go about a half size up. I liked the way the mint popped against the pink. I don’t like my outfits too matchy matchy (you know what I mean?) I felt that the mint was a nice contrast to the bright pink of the dress but still coordinated in the family of bright colors. It is summer after all!

To make everything even better (Cue: But wait! There’s more!), peaches are starting to be in season at the farmers market! This week I bought blueberries, raspberries, cherries and peaches and made the most delicious summer berry cobbler for us to snack on after dinner this week. I missed farmers market season so much. It’s almost time to start canning my favorite berry jams!

Holland Farmers Market Peaches Flaming Fury Peaches Fresh Farmers Market Peaches Anthropologie Vera Button up Neon Pink Dress

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