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May 14, 2019

i was on a roll with our green living room and then inspiration just kind of stalled after the holidays. there is still this big blank wall space that i can’t decide what to do with.. i’m thinking a gallery wall might be coming soon… i also thought about replacing this big coffee table with a smaller option. what do you think? i decided that maybe it was spike lee the deer that was throwing me off so i started with replacing him and then it just kind of spiraled into a full on living room mantle update.

vintage oil painting living room mantle

the purpose and use of this room is basically where we watch tv after otto goes to bed and mostly in the winter since come summer we spend more of our time in the screen room. the tv is facing the mantle and we have both the tv and the fire place as a focal point because we have two couches facing each other (because joe and i can’t seem to share). also these couches are so comfortable we wanted them all to ourselves. this room is very long and narrow and i’ve had the hardest time figuring out the best way to use it. we’re figuring it out though the more we are in this home. the mantle is just the easiest to catapult the change.

vintage oil painting living room mantle
vintage oil painting living room mantle

i replaced the deer (spike lee) with this painting i found in an antique store in west michigan. she is done by an artist out of chicago and i was obsessed with her dress (the bows) she fit well and highlighted the gold candlesticks antique mirrors i already had on hand. sometimes just changing out one simple focal point and adding a plant really change up the look of the room.

vintage oil painting living room mantle

i was at my pal liz’s house last week and she is just the guru genius of using up space and showing off layers of collections. i was so inspired and i hope it comes to me soon what to do with that bare wall. liz and i have different tastes and styles but it’s fun to be inspired by others creativity and morph and change it into your own personal taste.

what do you think? keep it simple on the mantle or bring back spike ?

to view the room before it became green click here 


vintage oil painting living room mantle

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  1. Kim @irishmanacres says:

    I am LOVING this new look! I like Spike also
    Maybe put him on another wall in between windows (?).

  2. Darleene Moore says:

    I really like the simple look. It’s bring gs peace to the room, soften with some comfy bright pillows for summer and cozy throws, the couches facing each other I likey to. But you have such a flare for style so whatever you decide it would work.

  3. Sydney says:

    Do you know what color paint this is?! 🙂

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