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September 11, 2017

i know what now distinguishes the weekends from the weekdays. joe being home. seriously it makes such a difference when that man is home that it just makes things so much easier around here. someone to share the feedings, changings etc… also someone to be around so i can get out of the house and run some errands alone.

i was debating going to a flea market on the east side this weekend but i decided we are just not to that point yet and just to take it easy and not over due it. (see.. i think they call that growth).

friday night we went out to dinner with our friends brandon and aimee to the restaurant in allegan redtail 412. my little sister and her boyfriend came and stayed at our house for a few hours so we could go out and feel a little more like ourselves again for a bit. however all we did was talk mostly about our kids haha. that’s a great thing. to be in this weird sweet spot of life. i’ve known aimee since birth (literally have baby pics together) so it’s just crazy to be entering yet another phase of life together. although she’s got two babes ahead of me it’s good to have her as a resource. like when i have to text her “i have a serious but gross question about otto”. boys are weird guys.

we got home and hung out with liv for a little bit before calling it a night.

little otter first smiles!

saturday morning joe went and worked out in the barn while i snuggled with the otter and picked up around the house. once joe was done outside i went in to the store (found cottage) and worked for a bit before heading out for some much needed personal time. i crammed basically 6 weeks of places i missed in to two hours haha. i went to a few antique stores, anthropologie, west elm and the grocery store. it felt awesome.

i stopped for a pumping break in the parking lot of a taco bell in between stores. i went to the far back corner (the lot was under construction) and i started pumping. then all of a sudden i noticed a woman standing by my door looking into my truck window. not really doing anything just smiling and staring directly at me pumping. i waved at her like “hey everything is fine thanks” but she didn’t go away. finally i rolled the window down a crack and asked “can i help you?” she then asked me if i had a dollar. are you kidding me? i said no i’m sorry and i’m kind of busy at the moment and rolled my window back up. she stood there for a while longer before walking to the next car.

i told this story on my instagram and i had a few women well call it lash out at me for being a “hypocritical Christian” seriously called me that. one woman even said it’s my fault because i chose a public place to pump. normally i would just let these things slide but it’s been weighing heavy on my heart because those are some pretty heavy accusations.

1.) just because i politely told a woman i would not give her a dollar does not make me a “hypocritical Christian”. had this woman been in actual need OF COURSE i would have helped her out. however everyone knows not to give pan handlers money, i jeopardized my own safety by even opening the window and finally she walked back to her CAR with an iphone in her back pocket and proceeded to smoke.

2.) just because i was in a “public space” pumping does not give anyone the right to look through my car windows. if some stranger came up to your car and started looking at your children through the windows wouldn’t you feel a little violated? until there are “private pumping stops” please do not shame people for finding a secluded area to cover up and pump.

3.) i take these accusations seriously. we have a lot on our plate right now and faith and my religion is one of the only solid things we can cling to to get us through these trying times.

i know that i don’t really need to explain myself let alone to these people who can say these things from the shield of their computer screen but i just really needed to get that out there.

anyways……. i really enjoyed getting out and about but also couldn’t wait to get home to my guys. we met up with joe’s parents at home and had a cheese plate i picked up at appertivo and just hung out. went to bed early.

sunday morning we were going to go out for brunch… and never made it. we stayed home all afternoon and i baked a sweet potato pie recipe i’ve been wanting to try for my mom’s birthday that night and just kind of cleaned up the house (it’s amazing how much clutter appears from doing nothing). at night we packed up and headed to my mom’s to celebrate her birthday with the family.

it was a great and wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sharrie Parke says:

    Otto is getting chubby checks, so glad to see him doing so well. Ignore the negative comments, they are sad folks.

  2. Karen says:

    I’ve been following along and I just wanted to say I think you are doing a great job!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

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