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May 15, 2017

i hope you all had a lovely mothers day weekend. what a beautiful weekend to celebrate and reflect. i know this is a difficult holiday for many and you were all in my prayers and i thought about you often. this weekend was a bit of a blur for me. who am i kidding this entire past week has been a bit of a blur for me. both joe and i catch each other completely wrapped up in the wrong day/time/place. it’s just like a fog.

friday night joe got home from a work golf outing that he ended up going to thursday morning in an effort to keep busy and i got home from work and we decided to go find a patio somewhere for dinner. we went to the grill house in allegan that finally had their deck open and we just relaxed and reflected a bit and talked a teeny bit about the future trying not to get too wrapped up in it if that makes any sense. we called it an early night because we were both just so mentally and physically exhausted.

saturday morning i got up early and went into the shop to get ready for saturday. i spent a good chunk of the morning there before heading out to a bridal shower for my cousin. after the shower i headed out to the fulton street farmers market which was FINALLY going on for the summer. i know they had a winter market but it’s nothing like the spring and summer. i bought a few pots of flowers for my deck and some food for dinner sunday night. i quick stopped back at the shop before swinging in to pick up my bronco for the weekend. i drove the back roads home and picked up joe and we went for another long ride around the inland lakes of allegan county. after that we showered and headed out for dinner and ice cream before calling it  night.

sunday morning we woke up and headed to the early service of church and then to the downtown market to check out their vintage street fair. i didn’t buy anything but i’m on the hunt for specifics. we grabbed a small cheese plate from appertivo before heading to meet my family for brunch. after brunch we went to joe’s parents house to celebrate mothers day then headed home.

on our way home i got a text from the genetics lab saying “happy mothers day! your results are in to view visit …” my heart jumped and i tried to login it was about 10 minutes of trying to find the login before i remembered the doctor handing me a card. i dumped my purse out found the card and finally got logged in. the page said results not yet available. we were on hold with the lab for over 30 minutes before we got through and the man on the phone told us it was a glitch that sent that text out to everyone who submitted a test on the 10th. joe and i just sat there in disbelief. is this real life?!?!? how the heck does that happen. fighting every urge to let mean abby out i simply said. wow way to handle conflict for something so important. perhaps a follow up text explaining the error asap would do people a lot of good. i don’t think “tom” really gave a shit about my suggestion. joe and i tried to come down from the adrenaline high and resume our night but it was a bit more difficult than expected. we did some yard work and made a dinner of lamb burgers and salad from the farmers market. we just tried to relax and remain calm and enjoy the rest of the night.

meanwhile we continue to wait and try to be patient.


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