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August 14, 2017

sorry i’ve been on a brief hiatus from writing everyday. you should know that i’m a bit OCD and I HATE missing my daily posts. it’s what gets my creative juices going and helps me kick off the day. i’ve had to learn to rearrange a few things… due to a certain someone…. ahem otto. but we’re figuring it out. last week was a bit of a blur being our first full week home on our own. it was filled with follow up appointments mixed with I couldn’t find my computer charger.. but we are figuring it out like i said and adjusting to our new normal. which involves a lot of staring at otto, poop and boobs.

we decided this weekend that we were going to get out for a bit. it’s a lot easier with joe home. guys, it’s hard to get out the door with a baby. we have a huge diaper bag checklist that stresses me out to forget anything. in a way it’s kind of nice to have doctor appointments to go to because it forces you to get out to a “safe place” and actually takes up a lot of the day. never in a million years thought that would be an issue.

friday night joe got home from work and we had dinner out on the porch with all the goodies we had from the farmers market. sweet corn, peach cobbler and brats. we had “family movie night” which is basically the three of us sitting in bed with otto in his docAtot (greatest invention ever) and staying awake until ottos 9pm feeding.
saturday morning joe and otto went in to the office and i headed into the store for a bit. it was so hard but so nice to get away for a little bit. i miss my job(s) and it was good to be back even if it was just for a few hours. we have to be SUPER careful about where we take otto because baby boy cannot get sick it could be really really bad for him and his heart/lungs. so joe hid out at the office and got caught up while nobody was there. we try to stick to open air places with not so many people. our hands are bone dry from hand sanitizer but mama bear here being as over cautious as possible.

saturday afternoon otto slept and joe read for a bit and i went and scavenged the garden. it’s super overgrown and my tomatoes have tomato worms for the first time ever but i found just enough to make a few arrangements and grabbed a few non contaminated tomatoes. thanks for all the suggestions on how to get rid of those buggers.

saturday night we had some friends come visit to see baby otto and we were hanging out in the living room when we had our SECOND bat of the week fly in through the house. we actually got this one to fly out of the house but needless to say our house will hopefully be sealed up this week. enough is enough. after our friends left and the house was rid of bats we ate some shepards pie my grandma brought us and fell asleep.

sunday morning we took our time getting ready for the day. mornings involve feeding, pumping, changing,medicine and by the time 10am rolls around we are ready to do something until 12 when it’s time to do it all over again lol. we are getting better at feeding while were out which increases our windows of opportunity lol. liz and jose came over in the morning to pick up their sheep and after that joe, otto and i headed to salt of the earth for brunch. we are usually there right at 10am however this time we caught the tale end which was nice because it wasn’t so crowded. we stuffed ourselves silly. it’s like we were never going to eat brunch again. lol. the best part was when we got there the host asked us “party of three?” and it took us a second to realize who the third was haha.

after brunch we went to virtue cider up the road and hung out in the lawn, took otto for walks around the gardens and enjoyed a cup of cider before heading home. it was such a nice afternoon. when we got home papa joe took a much needed nap (he took the 3am shift this weekend) and i read through some cookbooks. we ate dinner in bed together (becoming a new ritual) and went to bed on time to get a good start on the week.

a wonderful first full weekend home together as a family.

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  1. Jo Nelson says:

    You absolutely need to have someone come to get rid of them. Somehow they’ve found a hole and they will stay there until you do. I paid $1300 to have them “fix” my house, and haven’t had one since. It was a lot of $ but I would have paid almost – no, I would have paid – ANYTHING to get rid of them. They are the creepiest things God has ever made!

  2. Beth Bricker says:

    I have had bats in this house (30 yrs here) twice. Both times our son left a window open with no screen. It was the one and only time I told my husband he could shoot a gun in the house.( BB gun but it could have been a pistol I wouldn’t have cared) I’m scared to death of birds and bats.
    Glad your first full week home was a success.

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