weekend recap rested edition


August 21, 2017

it’s an odd feeling having the weekend knowing that monday is going to be pretty much the same schedule as friday, saturday and sunday was. feed, pump, change diaper, break, repeat. i keep thinking that the weekends i’ll have “off” nope. little otter here is the boss and demands our full attention and schedules at all time. i feel like joe and i though are finally getting the rhythm down. being more efficient with feedings, changes and even figuring out how to sleep in shifts and who takes what feedings. we might be getting the hang of this. we might actually be..rested?

friday night we decided to be a part of the stay home club (not much different than any other night lately) however i had all the stuff on hand to make a risotto from cooking light magazine and we made dinner together while otto chilled in his dock a tot. we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed dinner and the summer heat before going to bed at 8:30 lol.

saturday morning my mom offered to take the night shift with otto. we told her we’d think about it but then 5 minutes later we had the car packed for their cottage. joe and otto went to the office first for a bit to get some work done and i went and hung out at the store for a bit. we met up and forgot that we didn’t turn the water back off (from the leaky boiler pipe that we’re still waiting on to be fixed) and had to quick run back home. THEN we were cottage bound. we fed otto and my parents watched him while joe and i went out to eat together. it was weird both leaving him at night but we had a great dinner at the lake house grill in muskegon just enjoying the sunset and catching up on life and of course talking non stop about otto. we headed back to my parents cottage to get everything set for the night and my parents took the 12am, 3am and 6am shift while joe and i slept. it felt amazing. even though we both woke up a few times at the scheduled feedings it was so nice to sleep. i woke up at 6am and went and had coffee and snuggled otto all to myself for a few hours before the rest of the family woke up (or in my parents case woke back up). i will never undervalue sleep again. i felt like my head was back on right again. at least for a little while.

we spent the day hanging out at my parents cottage making pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven and hanging out on the deck. we went for a walk and just relaxed. it was so nice (and much cooler by the lake). we left their cottage around 5pm and stopped to pick up some dinner on the way home. we got home and little otto had pulled out his feeding tube AGAIN! seriously i’m becoming a pro now. this time he didn’t even cry though he’s a champ!

after that we finally sat down to enjoy our takeout panda express and a glass of wine before going to bed. this is our life right now haha. living between feedings and diapers and going to bed before the sun sets. it’s a lot of work, honestly, more than i thought it would be but i am soaking up every second. it all is worth it when his little head is squished up right under my chin and i feel his little chest bounce up and down. it’s just all worth it.


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