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November 21, 2018

it’s no secret that i have a few plates spinning all at once at any given time. whether i’m flying around for my big girl job, shop, website, oh and kid stuff, it seems the more i run around the fuller my bag becomes. everything in it would just be crushed, crumpled and damaged. not to mention heavy. i finally decided to clean things out and upgrade. my computer kept getting dinged by random things in my bag and since my computer is pretty much my life line it was time to give it a little upgrade. i finally got a satchel! and friends… it’s wonderful.

i wanted something that would compliment the tote/purse i use everyday and keep it separate from the satchel i store my business items in. the SLATE COLLECTION Redmond Satchel in cognac is a dream. if leather was butter this would be it. i like that it is a lot lighter than other leather bags i’ve tried on. it holds everything from my old school write – in planner to my large laptop (i need a big screen what can I say?!). i loved having everything in its place and now i’m never searching for pens or spare lipstick in my bottomless purse. Everything’s in its proper place. it looks much more professional pulling a clean notebook out of an organized satchel rather than rummaging around in my purse for five minutes, pulling out old receipts and coupons to find what you are looking for. (come on we’re all guilty….right?)

i’ve been using the satchel for the past week and with each trip out the leather gets better with time. i have a few vintage bags and i love how this bag has that same weathered quality look the more use it gets. i even was able to get it monogrammed. i have an old leather doctor bag that is initialed the same way and it just feels more personal to me. i feel like by getting something initialed it makes my commitment to the item stronger. like you have put your personal stamp on things.

i work in a variety of places throughout the week. most mornings i’m at the coffee shop somewhere in grand rapids and then on to the office in grandville, lunch usually with friends and then a stop at the shop before calling it a day. it’s so nice to keep all of my things in one place that is easily accessible. and bonus, with the michigan winter coming the leather is water resistant so it will continue to look beautiful throughout the seasons.

the SLATE COLLECTION Redmond Satchel was gifted to me in return for a review but i am thoroughly impressed. with any product I share on this site (paid or unpaid) I will always be honest with you. this bag is amazing and I would say it is worth every penny.

Thank you to SLATE COLLECTION for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.



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