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November 16, 2018

i am coming off a major closet cleaning rampage from the last month and only kept items that fit/ i truly loved. like this cozy sweater by free people or my plaid shirt.. aka anything by free people. there is something about fridays that just make me want to cozy up and snuggle in especially when we have as beautiful of a snow as we have today. the snow is sitting perfectly on all of the trees and it’s gorgeous. i promise you i will love the snow until about mid february then i’m totally over it and in garden mode.

when i went through my closet i pretty much asked myself these questions.

1.) did i wear you within the last year
2.) is there something about you that bugs me? (ex. tight in the arms, need special bra etc)
3.) do you still serve a purpose (bra with a hold in the strap i’m looking at you)

as i went through the items and said good by to each thing i put it in a laundry basket folded up ready for the consignment store. i let it sit in my closet for about a week and honestly nothing was pulled back out of it. i never even looked through it again. it all went to the consignment store or was donated. it was such a stress release knowing that everything in my closet fit and was worn regularly. no more trying things on and tossing them to the floor because they didn’t fit. and honestly, it’s nice to be able to see everything and know what i have. quite frankly i don’t NEED anything else to wear… well except black ankle boots because my feet grew with my pregnancy and those were the ones that had to go. but other than that i’m pretty much set. now, will that stop me from shopping. no. mostly likely no. but i know now i don’t have a need for yet another navy and white striped shirt.

most people do closet cleaning in the spring but i like to be outside. i find that i declutter more during the winter months. what are your tips and tricks for keeping your closet neat and tidy?

outfit details
sweater free people sold out but similar here and here
hat free people
leggings spanx
shoes tory burch


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  1. Kim acott says:

    I’m a fall and winter declutteree also.. did the same with my closet last week and a month before that! Went over the items I saved from a month ago and thought if I didn’t wear them in a month there gone.. bye bye.. so freeing

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