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October 6, 2015

this post…has been a year in the making. i know it’s so bad. seriously. bad bad blogger bad. but sometimes you can’t force inspiration right?

so this cart…. i purchased this from Lost and Found in grand rapids michigan probably in january when they were at the grand rapids vintage and antique show in the devos place. i knew i wanted to have our coffee pot in the bedroom and i knew i needed the cart. viola! mark, the owner and creative of Lost and Found repurposes old factory cards into solid, heavy, functional works of art. this one had the perfect minty hue that i loved and was covered with a reclaimed wood top and sealed. i loved how the other shelves on the cart had a lip so i could stack and stack whatever i wanted on it without things falling all over the floor.
Coffee Cart 5

but here this poor little cart sat for about a year with nothing but back issues of bon appetit magazine piling on. then one day my pal liz and i went to target after a meeting for some retail therapy. there…. nestled in the end cap…. plaid. everything plaid. GEE WILAKERS! i yelled <– ok not really but eh i have a flair for the dramatics. omg i said i need a cart. i proceeded to fill it with pretty much one of everything on that end cap. it was perfect. PERFECT.

Coffee Cart 1

i even bought myself a new coffee maker. 🙂 it’s dual purpose takes k cups and makes a full pot. the bottom is removable so you can fit your travel mug under it. inspiration has sprung people.

Coffee Cart 2

now i know what you might be thinking…. what in the world…. why does this girl think she needs a coffee maker in the bedroom. i think the real question is….why wouldn’t you!?!?! it’s the best thing ever to wake up to a pot of already brewed coffee (automatic timer is like heaven) i can drink it all morning baby.

Coffee Cart 3so anywayssssss  the fabulous cart from lost and found has finally found it’s semi- forever home. i say semi forever because it has come in handy a few times. i used it at steph’s baby shower as a coffee and mug cart  . i’ve also used it for cocktail time or as a side cart for parties when the table is full. it’s on wheels and it’s super handy. want to know the best news?! Mark has made more! give him a shout at the shop and put your name on one before i do haha.

Coffee Cart 4Sources

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  1. Shawn says:

    That cart is perfection! As is the plaid bits of goodness you’ve covered it with. It’s like all of it was made specifically for your home. : )

  2. Kenzie says:

    I just finished a bar cart for my house too! Absolutely love it 🙂

  3. Hi. This is super adorable. I’m especially loving that fern poster! Great styling!

  4. This screams fall, I love it! and that botanical print is darling.

  5. Alison says:

    I love what you’ve done! Totally inspiring

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    I adore this cart! Such a good idea and I would totally love having it in my room to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee!
    Kaitlyn |

  7. This is so adorable and cozy – I would never leave my bedroom. I need to check out these plaid accessories you found at Target. I have wanted to create a coffee bar in our butlers pantry, but so far all I have is our coffee maker… Someday! Thanks for the inspiration.

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