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March 24, 2021

Joe was gone for the day so Otto and I had the house all to ourselves. Since he had already broken in to his easter basket I thought we should have a little fun with it. He’s been begging to eat a chocolate bunny since the moment he found them and I finally gave in. Otto suggested that we throw a party so why not? I had some random things I picked up from the local dollar store and we decided to make an Easter Sundae party! (see what I did there?)

I had an idea to fill these chocolate bunnies with a mudslide type cocktail but since it was just me and the toddler, ice cream it was. I worked my delicate craftsmanship on the counter using a paring knife on a cutting board to slowly remove the top chocolate ears. At first I tried to carve a hole near the back but the chocolate bunnies cracked too easily. The chocolate ears were much easier to remove.

Easter Bunny Chocolate Sundaes

Once I had the chocolate bunny ears off I used a small tablespoon scoop to place scoops of vanilla ice cream into the hollow shells of the bunnies. It took about 4 scoops or so to pack them in. If I’m going to make these again I would have put them back into the freezer to harden back up for a minute.

The chocolate ears looked a little wonky when we tried to place them on top of the bunnies not to mention it was impossible to eat that way so we used peeps leftover from my Easter Candy Charcuterie board as a garnish and ear substitute. Otto was in charge of the sprinkles and I did the chocolate sauce. Together we made a total mess of the kitchen but that’s half the fun!

How to make Easter Bunny Chocolate Sundaes

How to make chocolate sundaes using hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. 

You will need

  • sharp paring knife
  • a small ice cream scoop (I used a tbsp size)
  • Ice cream of your choice
  • chocolate sauce
  • sprinkles
  • Peep or other favorite Easter candy for garnish
  • Hollow chocolate Easter bunnies


  • remove the ears by slowly using a paring knife on a cutting board (be careful!)
  • scoop 4 -5 scoops of ice cream using the back end of the scoop or a small spoon to push the ice cream into the hollow bunny
  • once you are satisfied with the amount of ice cream, slice a small slit in your Peep or other chosen candy to place on the rim of the chocolate bunny.
  • sprinkle with chosen sundae toppings. We used Hershey Chocolate Syrup and rainbow sprinkles
  • serve and enjoy!

How to make Chocolate Sundaes using Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Other dessert ideas for the chocolate bunnies

  • Make Shakes! If you want to get really crazy it would be fun to mix up some ice cream and milk in the blender and pour them into the chocolate bunnies as a fun way to make a shake. I also thought it would be fun for adult time to sneak in some coffee liquor into that milk shake.
  • Ice coffee. Pour in your favorite cold ice coffee and let it soak in the chocolate bunny. Just make sure not to crack it!
  • If you’re not into ice cream pudding could be a great substitute.

Fun Desserts to make with Toddlers

We spent the afternoon not only eating the chocolate sundaes but playing with the ones that remained wrapped. I was able to find all of the supplies for this project at Walgreens but if you do not have one near you Amazon sells the Russell Stovers bunnies.

It took me about three times as long to clean up our party than it did to actually make the chocolate sundaes but it was a good time. Otto loved getting to help and he thought the streamers were so fun.  We had so much fun, I had to get the camera out and make a blog post about it. I will treasure these silly Saturday memories we have together and I hope he does too.

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