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October 15, 2015


this entryway has been really sneaky tricky. like tricky with colors, heights and proportions.

the object/goal is to NOT damage the paneling (or paint it..yet). ok i’m resisting painting because it really is a gorgeous wood and i know that i would regret it someday so i’m going to work with it. it’s a lot of red wood though you know? but anyway. before i really focused on this part of the house i just had an old midcentury minty colored credenza here from our previous house that didn’t flow with the rest of the space. it just fit in the space and was out of the way for a little bit.

i was out and about in my flea market adventures and i came across these fall scene paint by numbers. they were so beautiful and i’ve never seen any specific fall scenes. had to have them. and that is when inspiration struck. i was going to do a “temporary fall exhibit” in my entryway. 
entryway 1

i originally bought this small table from beauty in the details booth at painted farmgirl for my little penthouse cottage. but it really fit perfectly into this odd space by the steps. and i loved the chippy rustic wood and the way it kind of blended right in to that space. so that is it’s new home and the search for a penthouse table continues. 
entryway 10

i have a thing for a lot of things. a thing for a lot of vintage things. (sounds like a dr. suess book) abigail the hoarder was a hoarder of things. a thing for here a thing for there.  have no fear for she had a thing from every year.

ok enough of that. i love antlers. love it. and i thought this tiny little stag horn would be perfect with my fall paint by number prints. also didn’t have to nail anything into the wall because it was already there.
entryway 6

a great way to store some blankets was in this felted tote i picked up at target a few weeks ago. maybe around christmas i’ll store some firewood in it? plus i thought it added a little soft texture to the space. really not practical though. who grabs a blanket right when you walk into someones house? eh if we have a winter like last year you probably will want to. haha.
entryway 2

pretty much everything else is a vintage find. the rug came from a vendor i met at the grand rapids antique market last year. the rug was an absolute steal. that show was bumped up to november btw. it’s a great indoor show. the small tin mail collector and key tray is a pottery barn find .

entryway 9

entryway 3

entryway 7
entryway 4

entryway 5

what do you think? i still have a few tweaks here and there but i love the way the it just feels like fall to me!

happy thursday everyone!

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