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October 20, 2015

dress: Free People Emma Dress
booties: MTNG becca bootie

remember when i was part of the farmgirl flea?

remember when i shopped during any possible break i got?

remember when i bought a dress at the show?
Free People 3

ok but in my defense this was NOT your grandmas flea market. we had jb and me there. we had awesomeness there. i HAD to have this dress. it’s like… perfect. (pretty much like whatever else free people does). my friend laura who is also the store manager at the Holland location was sporting this with one of their lacy back bralettes and well… i already had the bralette so might as well buy the dress right?

free people 2

toooootally makes sense. and i had a garage sale that one time so i totally needed to buy more stuff because my closet was empty… and this is a classic piece! I will pass this on to my childrens children. most likely.

Free People 1

please pay no mind to my ghostly white legs but i avoid the sun and even though it is technically fall here in Michigan it was like 75 degrees when we took these photos and i was NOT about to wear tights yet. nope. not gonna happen.

i told you already that i am in LOVE with these boooties i bought the lighter gray leather option last year and they are going to live to see another season. i bought the black leather and the suede gray for this year because they are so comfortable and durable. plus you can get them at JB and ME on tuesdays for 20% off because they have “terrific tuesday” (Pssst it’s your lucky day.. today is a tuesday)

ahhhh i love me some fall style.

photos by my pal wandering enchanted 


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  1. elma says:

    super cute dress!! when I click on the link it doesn’t work???

  2. Oh you’re just so adorable!! I love JB & Me, I used to work downtown Holland and sometimes I would walk to work just so I could look in all the fun window displays and see what they had out!!

  3. Lyn says:

    Looooove this dress. I’ve been eyeing it…..

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