finally friday rest and relaxation


November 10, 2017

and just like that it’s friday today. after a full week again of visits and appointments we are ready for some rest and relaxation around these parts. yesterday we had our first big follow up after otto’s surgery. it went about as expected. the leak has not changed. it’s not better but it’s also not worse. otto is tolerating the leak to this point. the rest of his heart is not enlarged and he is responding well to the medicine. the biggest indicator of his progress is weight gain. if he continues to put on weight we consider that progress. he put on 9 ounces in a week and that is awesome. it’s right on track with “normal” babies weight gain.

the only change that was made yesterday was that we were able to drop the 3am feeding! otto has been sleeping through the night thanks to the food pump and we don’t have to feed him at that time if he tolerates an increase in feeds… so fingers crossed! the longer we can hold off surgery the better.

tonight we are going to just take it easy. it’s freezing outside so we are going to snuggle in and just make dinner at home. last week i made a meal plan for the first time in months and we stuck to it. it was so nice to eat and cook at home. a break from take out haha.

tomorrow we are going to do something fun to celebrate my birthday. i’m not sure what we are going to do yet we have a few options.. i guess it’s really weather dependent. and after that we have no plans for the rest of the weekend other than just enjoying life as a family.


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