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July 28, 2016

so my living room is a big long rectangle room guys. it’s 17×25 with two doors going out to the deck and a big opening that goes into the parlor (or cocktail lounge) and it needs big furniture to anchor it down. this could really quickly turn into a furniture flea if i’m not careful. as much as i love vintage couches and upholstered furniture i needed something durable, cleanable and big but not oversized.
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i scoured the internet for weeks until i decided that something slip covered would be the most practical. slip cover cushions are hard to maintain (my opinion) and I knew i wanted something with a “bench seat cushion” good luck with that. my pal liz is in love with her ikea slip covered sofas and has used and moved them into multiple homes throughout the year and areas in the home. i checked them out (and loved them) but they were not high enough. like i said i needed go big or go home.

i became obsessed with wayfair and their second site birch lane. i bought the fairchild slip covered sofa around christmas time when they had 30% off and free shipping on the entire site. i paid the extra $50 for white glove service that has the delivery people come in and actually unpack and take the trash with them. it was phenomenal (they also assemble). but the room needed more. the room needed a second couch. so when the site had 25% off site white i splurged. i mean where else can you get a couch this size and this quality for under $1000? nowhere. i’m thrilled with both sofas and PS you can order fabric swatches for free before you order. how great is that!

now just the search for chairs continues…

living room 3 (1)

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  1. Baileywife says:

    YAY!! Thanks for answering my question! I LOVE slipcovered sofas and have been on the hunt….These might do!! ~Kim

  2. Sue Piers says:

    you are keeping your chairs by the fireplace right? I love those!

  3. cynthia morgan says:

    Do the throw pillow covers and all pieces come off for washing?

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