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December 13, 2019

With the shipping windows closing in on holiday shopping I am taking full advantage of the amazing local retailers that we have around us. Some are located in cute and quaint little towns like Holland or Pentwater and some are in the best gift shops you will ever shop. I am almost finished shopping for otto with just a few things left to gather but I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to shop for unique finds for kids locally both expected and unexpected. PS if you are not from around here most of them ship!

Mickey Mouse H & M Outfit with a giant christmas tree

Tweed Baby Outfitters – Maggie and the three amigos ( her kiddos) run an amazing little children’s store in downtown Holland. It is full of cute and educational gifts for kids as well as specialty clothing. You can bet that Liz and Cope, Otto and I have done our fair share of damage here. They have great unique gifts for all ages of kids. As soon as Ottto’s feet can reach the pedals we are getting one of those adorable bikes!

Fredrick Meijer Garden Gift Shop – I know it sounds crazy but they have an AMAZING gift shop full of great teaching toys. They have everything from animal puppets to garden books for kids. I am hoping they still have the chicken puppet in stock because Otto was obsessed with it at our last visit. They also have those old school bug catchers.

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Gift Shop – Another  place for unique finds and kind of crazy  but why wouldn’t one of the top children’s hospitals have an incredible place to buy toys? They have an awesome assortment of medical themed melissa and doug toys and pretty much everything and anything you could think of to keep a child occupied.

Storybook Village of Pentwater Michigan –  Owned and operated by a former school teacher this is the ultimate toy store. We never go to our cottage before we swing by and say hi to the friends at storybook village. Not only do they sell the most incredible childrens toys, they’ve tested them, played with them and know pretty much everything there is to know about them. One of my favorite things we have found for otto here is the otter puppet and the old school felt books.

Grand Rapids Public Museum Curiosity Shop – There are quarky gifts for everyone here but some super fun stocking stuffers can be found on the walls of this little gift shop. It’s curated with the current themes of the exhibits as well as many fun made in michigan things.


Mickey Mouse H & M Outfit with a giant christmas tree

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Where are some of your favorite secret gems to find unique gifts? If you are still shopping you can check out last years gift guide for some online places to shop.

Mickey Mouse H & M Outfit with a giant christmas tree Mickey Mouse H & M Outfit with a giant christmas tree Mickey Mouse H & M Outfit with a giant christmas tree

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  1. Babs Yeida says:

    What wonderful Photos, and wonderful Ideas. Merry Christmas

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