I’m Abigail Albers.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in while I share a bit about who I am. 

I am collector of collections and hobbies and I’m so excited to share them all with you here on my little slice of the internet. 


Wife and mother, antique shopper, entrepreneur, gardener, sheep lady, sequin enthusiast and your Midwest Martha Stewart Wannabe. 

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I head to my greenhouse to crank open the windows for the afternoon sun and grab my snippers and get to work cutting and arranging a fresh bouquet of my David Austin roses, snap dragons, zinnias and amaranth. On my way back to the house I fill a basket of cherry tomatoes and peppers to mix into a fresh farm scramble before tackling the rest of the day. Join me on my quest of antiquing and gardening in style, cooking fresh from the garden and living a more simple and crazy life on the farm. 

waking up before the rest of my family, slipping on my mud clad rubber boots and walking out to the garden while the birds are chirping and leaving a trail of footprints in the dew kissed grass. 

My dream morning is...

Holiday Amish Greenhouse

I have not necessarily been a scrooge this year when it comes to decorating our farmhouse for the holidays, but more exhausted Santa. We went all out for Christmas this year at The Found Cottage and between that and pending renovations in the home, I just didn’t feel like hauling out all the bins of […]

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