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Simple Streusel pumpkin muffin recipe.

I would say that I am a fan of everything pumpkin but to be honest with you i’m not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes. There I said it. It’s out in the open, I do not like PSL’s. Nor do I like those new pumpkin spice kit kat bars. They taste like potpourri. But […]

The best ever pumpkin muffins

Food & Beverage

tis the season for pumpkin right? the second the leaves start to change i go into full on fall girl mode. gimme the scarves, the jackets, the pumpkin (although i’m not a PSL fan) but i love everything else baked and cooked with pumpkin. i found this great little magazine at the checkout while getting […]

simple pumpkin toffee bars

Food & Beverage

you want to know when the best time to stock up on magazines is? FALL. Fall magazines to foodies are the like september issues to fashionistas. i can’t get enough. i seriously buy every single special publication out there, 101 ways to use pumpkin, our best acorn squash recipes etc etc. one of my favorite […]

pumpkin sage rolls

Food & Beverage

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