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Our first baby chick hatching

When quarantine first started i thought it would be fun to raise some baby chicks with Otto. We could use a few more and it would give us something productive to do. I found out one of my friends sells a variety of bird..eggs. I agreed to buy them without reading the find print at […]

Hatching Baby Chicks What I learned

Farm & Garden

another sign of spring has arrived! my baby chicks were delivered yesterday! i know it sounds so weird to have chickens come via mail but it’s kind of funny to go to the post office and hear them chirping like crazy behind the counter. while you still can go to places like tractor supply and […]

What to do with baby chicks

Farm & Garden

It will always amaze me how fast kids can adapt. We are closing in on 7 weeks of being home and by week 3 otto knew we just wave and talk to people through the windows. When my parents came over to drop off some groceries Otto ran to the door and never crossed the […]

Visiting Pigs


Visiting Papa Craigs Pigs

When Joe and I decided in early March it was best for us to start staying home we got plans in place to keep us busy on the farm over the weekends trying to go out as little as possible. As time went on and it became more of a realization how long this might […]

Mrs. Rabbit Our Newest Farm Addition

Farm & Garden

Otto and our new baby bunny

The one thing that has always given me refuge in dark times is my garden. It doesn’t matter if it was my small 4×8 bed at our old home in Byron Center, container pots on my patio or my garden now at the farm. There is something about watching seeds burst out of the ground […]

New Seed Starting Product for The Garden

Farm & Garden

Park Seed Bio Dome 80 Cell Double for seed starting

so yesterday was one of those days where nothing went as planned. i was about to leave for the gym when a coworker popped in and said aren’t you coming to the meeting this morning. trying to play it cool i was like you bet! texted nikki my trainer that i’m an idiot and i […]

chicken break

Farm & Garden

many times and especially lately i hear people say it is their dream to live on a farm someday. i think maybe it’s the appeared romance of it all? a throw back to a simpler time? let me preface this post by saying it was never my dream to live on farm. it was something […]

5 things to know before buying a farm

Farm & Garden

gardening is my relatively inexpensive (except when i go seed/plant crazy) seasonal stress relief. i love that after a long day of work i can go out to my garden and create something beautiful and nutritional. this year my garden is new to me. back in byron center i had the same beds for the […]

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