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we received the news yesterday afternoon that we are officially homeward bound today! i cannot believe it. if you would have told me last week sunday we would be preparing to head home i would have given you a blank stare similar to the one i’m having right now. we have truly been gifted a […]

homeward bound


we finally busted out of the NICU on friday afternoon. it was an exhilarating, triumphant and terrifying experience all in one. on one hand we finally got to take our sweet otto man home and snuggle him and care for him with all of his own things. just to be home there is nothing like […]

weekend recap ottos home!


happy valentines day my friends! before i dive into the world of ceiling fans… my day has started out in what could possibly be the most unromantic way. i have been having these wild dreams lately that are so so fricken weird. last night i dreamt that joe and i were going to a “resort […]

ceiling fan for pentwater

House & Home

after weeks of waiting for the weather to clear and warm up in early may i could finally safely start putting plants out on the front porch. usually i would have my porch decorated by the first weekend in may but those few last surprise snowfalls and random 20 degree weather kind of put a […]

spring porch decor

House & Home

it must be hard to be the middle room. you’re not the dining room but your not the living room you are this in between room. you can’t have a lot in the center because people need to walk through you to get to the living room. when i saw this glam coffee table i […]

glam coffee table

House & Home

one thing leads to another don’t you think? i got this mural for my birthday last year and finally got it hung this month for my birthday lol. well the orange in the foxes was too perfect not to buy this vintage orange velvet couch from my friend kelleys store (hunt and gather GR) and […]

woodland mural

House & Home

ahhhhh this room… the first (almost) complete room that we have done in the farmhouse. meaning it’s the only room we’ve painted and put new furniture in, light fixtures etc. so this is the before.. the wallpaper was layered and layered and took me almost a month to tear down. but i finally got it […]

farmhouse dining room

House & Home

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