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Fresh Garden Tomatoes

It’s that time of year where the seed catalogs are starting to appear almost daily in my mailbox. Every season I pour over catalogs finding the best seeds for our home garden. This year I am going to be trying a few different grouping techniques in the garden including separating my vegetables and my flowers. […]

The Best Tomatoes for Canning

Food & Beverage

it’s june in michigan and that means… it’s time to start canning or “preserving”. every single year i go bananas thinking i’m never going to get to taste a single strawberry ever again and i can like a mad woman. like seriously if the apocalypse comes, head to the farm i have jam to feed […]

favorite canning resources

Food & Beverage

i took a canning class with my friend aimee about 7 years ago shortly after i got married and was in full on new wife duties. i had newly discovered my love of cooking, baking and all things food. don’t get me wrong i’ve always loved eaten it but even in growing up in a […]

simple easy canning recipes

Food & Beverage

The Holland Farmers market was in full swing yesterday as we are entering into peak summer in Michigan. It was the perfect day to dress up in my new Vera for Anthropologie button up dress that I scored on sale this month. The weather is a bit muggy so lightweight wear was much needed. I […]

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

Style & Fashion

Vera for Anthropologie Confetti Midi Dress

Last weekend Joe and I spent the greater part of our weekend working out in the garden getting our new garden beds into place. It was not work for the faint of heart. It was TOUGH. We welcomed the excuse to keep busy though (at least I did). With the loss of Binks our beloved […]

New Metal and Wood Garden Beds

Farm & Garden

Why I Love Raised Garden Beds

Before you plant, create a plan! I have finally finished my raised bed plans using my grow veg planner and now i’m finishing up my seedlings in preparation for the summer garden. In Michigan, many vegetables like flowers need to be started a little earlier indoors for you to pick the optimal amount of produce […]

Five Easy Vegetables to Grow from Seed

Farm & Garden

Easy Vegetables for Beginners to grow

When I found this vintage style cast iron farmhouse sink I knew exactly where in my house it would go. Before the room was even being demoed I knew I had to have it. This downstairs bathroom (click for before pictures) is off of the screened in porch and connects the back pool area to […]

Vintage Style Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

House & Home

Dark blue navy bathroom

I know what you are thinking, another collection? I know I know but we’ve known each other long enough now to know that I can’t stop, won’t stop right? These antique mineral water bottles intrigued me inside of a booth at the Springfield Antique when I walked past the white tent that said “EVERYTHING IN […]

Antique Mineral Water Bottle Collection Codd Neck Bottle

House & Home

Where to find vintage glass bottles

The leaves are starting to turn here already and as much as I’m fighting it I’m slowly giving way to accepting fall is here/coming. Typically I would be jumping up and down with pumpkins on my porch and a PSL in my hand but I’m anxious about pushing the seasons along this year. Slow and […]

Comfy and Cozy Loungewear at The Found Cottage

Style & Fashion

Ruffled Cream Zip Up Cardigan

Allow me a moment to share the saga of this ketchup. I had this post and recipe all typed up and ready to go last week and when I hit “publish” it was gone. Disappeared and nowhere to be found. I needed to take a step back from my rage and disbelief and now here […]

Homemade Tomato Ketchup Recipe

Food & Beverage

Homemade Ketchup from the Ball Canning Book

Ok so this pink gingham dress might be a bit over the top but it would be me if it wasn’t over the top. When I found that I could even purchase the shoes to match I hit the click-click to send my order on over to Allegan. This outfit is actually two piece and […]

Pink J.crew Gingham Dress

Style & Fashion

Pink Gingham Two PIece J.Crew Dress

Word of warning: Mint is addictive as well as super invasive. Addictive: I can’t stop finding new varieties I want to grow (of which I buy and do). Invasive: Grow it in a container or it will take over your entire garden. I couldn’t help myself when I passed a road stand that had all […]

Homemade Mint Ice Cream

Food & Beverage

Homemade Mint Ice Cream

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