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Cinnamon Rolls With Fresh Market Berries Fast Rising

If you read my instagram post last night you would hear a bit of panic in my voice that in true Michigan fashion strawberry season is nearing it’s close. The extreme amounts of rain pretty much ruined the berries right on the bushes cutting the season short a week or two early. I was at […]

Fresh Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

Food & Beverage

I about fell off my chair in excitement when I saw that one of my favorite farm stands was just starting to pick their first batch of Michigan strawberries. If you haven’t had one before, get in your car and come get some. They are tiny little berries that have enormous sweet flavor. Sure a […]

Small Batch Quick Strawberry Jam

Food & Beverage

Homemade Biscuits and Jam

believe it or not you can still find a few places with michigan strawberries available! it’s so rare this late in the season (they’re typically done by june) but with the cold and wet june we had here a lot of things are slower to ripen and pop up at the farmers markets. i made […]

Strawberry Buttercream Jam Cake

Food & Beverage

Strawberry Buttercream Jam cake

i have once again been a canning queen at my house prepping all the fruit and veggies to enjoy all winter long. so far i’ve made strawberry jam, cherry pie filling, cherry bbq sauce and cherry salsa. with every recipe there is bound to be a bit of extra produce so i try to find […]

Simple Strawberry Sherbet Recipe

Food & Beverage

Easy Strawberry Sherbet Recipe

we still have one or two weeks left of strawberry season here in michigan but i have made myself vow no more canning jam. i have enough to last me the next three years. canning is like therapy to me. i finished my jam after otto had gone to bed and sitting at my kitchen […]

New add in’s for homemade strawberry jam

Food & Beverage

New add ins for homemade strawberry jam

there is something about michigan when the sun is out and the farmers markets kick into full gear. i do this every year where i have this fear that come september i’m going to be freaking out that i didn’t can enough, didn’t freeze enough, didn’t process enough of the spring and summer produce. then […]

Simple Strawberry Fruit Leather

Food & Beverage

I love the phrase “if it grows together it goes together”. Right now on the farm we have wild blackberries, mulberries and elderflowers popping up all over the farm and I am scurrying around trying to pick them before the birds do. I often find myself quietly talking to myself as I pick them. More […]

Making Elderflower Cordial From Foraged Elderflowers

Food & Beverage

Making Elderflower cordial

This week brought back so many memories of when Otto was a newborn and I was desperate to get out of the house but we had to be careful because he was pre surgery and in heart failure. The farmers market always felt like (and was) a safe place for us to go. Every Wednesday […]

Midwest Farmers Market Report June

Style & Fashion

Safety at the Farmers Market

You know that scene in elf when will ferrel is listing off the main food groups of the elves? Candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. For me.. It would have to be cheese of all kind. My great grandma always said given the choice of chocolate or cheese she would always choose cheese and […]

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate

Food & Beverage

How to create the perfect cheese plate

this weekend we stayed home and had time to lounge around the house and dare i say…relax?! guys it’s so hard for me to sit. i’ve alway struggled with rest because there is just so much that i love to do and it’s hard to stay in one place. but one thing i love to […]

lemon curd berry tart

Food & Beverage

it’s june in michigan and that means… it’s time to start canning or “preserving”. every single year i go bananas thinking i’m never going to get to taste a single strawberry ever again and i can like a mad woman. like seriously if the apocalypse comes, head to the farm i have jam to feed […]

favorite canning resources

Food & Beverage

well mom of the year over here is posting this almost a month late but in my defense these photos were snapped just shortly after 9 months. i think this just further proves my point that time is indeed flying by. we’ve been soaking up the warm michigan weather and playing outside as much as […]

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