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When my friend Mark said that he was expanding his store, Warehouse 55 you know I had to make the 3 hour road trip to have some solo shopping time in the new Warehouse 55 Expansion. I first visited the store back when they first opened and found so many beautiful and amazing things for […]

Warehouse 55 Expansion and Grand Opening

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Vintage European Style

The new fall arrivals are starting to tickle into The Found Cottage and I’m loving all of the new fun sweaters we’ve been getting in. I buy all of the clothing and jewelry for the store and I make it my mission to find good quality and stylish finds at a reasonable price. Almost all […]

New Fall Arrivals at The Found Cottage

At The Market

Tie Die Long Top

I am not one of those people that changes things up on a regular basis. I agonize over putting a hole in the wall and getting things just right and then leaving it that way for years and years. I finally on Sunday, on a whim, took down the gallery wall that was in the […]

remodel the old farmhouse plans


Clearance Sale Anthro Jumpsuit

We had a casual outdoor girls night on the farm a few weeks ago and it was more needed than I could have ever realized. We popped open a couple bottles of wine that Pomelo Wines sent to me for sampling and I made a very simple dish of marinated tomatoes and a peach and […]

Peach and Plum Galette


Rose Time

There are two season in Michigan. Winter and patio season. The year 2020 is all about using the patio facilities as much as possible. Restaurants are able to be open at 50% capacity and while so many are taking it seriously and implementing all of the best practices we still prefer to eat outside for […]

Safe Social Dates


Grand Rapids Michigan Patios

I had a cart full of treasure and then it disappeared as I was about to check out. I yelled NO WAY! And otto came running over asking “oh no what’s the matter mom!?” I told him my cart disappeared and he said “oh no that’s not good” just like a good son should. Luckily […]

Jcrew Sale! $4 Tops Jewelry and Dresses


Belted Sequin Dress

Sunday evening joe and I found ourselves with an abundance of produce from the garden and after a long day of working around the house we were in the mood for some appetizers! I picked up some peaches from the kalamazoo farmers market on Saturday and I was dying to make this recipe that I […]

Burrata Cheese with Creamed Corn and Sugared Peaches

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Peach Basil Sweet Corn Buratta Cheese Appetizer

We headed back up to “the little house” as otto has named it to continue to put the finishing touches on the interior. We have some things that will have to wait until the end of the summer but I have been dying to just hang some pictures on the loft walls.  I have been […]

Pentwater Cottage Loft Progress


vintage cottage pentwater Michigan

Before I get started on this post I want to preface it by saying it does not bother me at all when people ask me if we are going to have another child. I choose to look at it from the standpoint people must think we’re doing a pretty good job with Otto that we […]

Yea it just might be us three.


Red Jumpsuit Poppy Field

The Found Cottage is officially back open under the guidelines that have been set forth for us as retailers in the state of Michigan. After three bleak months it feels good to have the doors open and welcome guests back in with 6 feet of distance behind us. As a little girl I always knew […]

Running a Small Business during a Pandemic

At The Market

The Found Cottage Hudsonville MIchigan

This week has been full of anxiety with Joe and I slowly dipping our toes in the “real world” and getting back slowly to work, well work outside of the home. Joe and I both spent some time in the office this week while the other stayed home with Otto. We decided we are going […]

The Anxiety of Getting Back Into the Swing of Things


Toddler Playing Basketball

Back in March we were geared up and ready for all of Otto’s appointments. We had a sedation appointment scheduled for his kidney ultrasound, ekg and echocardiogram with followups with both doctors that afternoon. Then Covid 19 started trickling into our community and everything shut down with the snap of a finger and it was […]

Appointment Day in the times of Covid


Otto in the tulip farm Holland Michigan