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i’ve been dreaming of summer projects. last year joe and i did a really good job of making our project priority list and sticking to it. we really focused on the front of the house landscaping and getting that in order and we finally got that done thanks to the help of my pal jess. […]

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you guys…. we finally have the pool ready to open. one more night of vaccuming and almost a summer and a half of work… the pool shall be open for business! we spent all summer shocking the pool, dumping chemicals etc and could never get it opened up for swimming. at least not sanitary swimming. […]

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I'm abigail albers

Wife and mother, antique shopper, entrepreneur, gardener, sheep lady, sequin enthusiast and your Midwest Martha Stewart Wannabe. 

I am collector of collections and hobbies and I’m so excited to share them all with you here on my little slice of the internet. 

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