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Vintage European Style

When my friend Mark said that he was expanding his store, Warehouse 55 you know I had to make the 3 hour road trip to have some solo shopping time in the new Warehouse 55 Expansion. I first visited the store back when they first opened and found so many beautiful and amazing things for […]

Warehouse 55 Expansion and Grand Opening


Have you been to Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antiques lately? When I heard that my lovely and talented friend Mark was going to be opening his own shop in Aurora, IL… I knew it was going to be good. Like over the top good. He has such a creative eye and a taste in vintage […]

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store


Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

Back in September my pal Ashley and I packed our bags and drove about five hours south to Springfield Ohio for the big antique extravaganza. Honestly it was one of the only flea markets of the year thanks to covid and we spent the entire weekend from sun up to sun down shopping the fields […]

How to Hang Wall Sconces


How to Hang Sconces

It was really hard for me to take down the gallery wall in the formal dining room. It was the first room we ever completed and it had been that way for a number of years. I’m someone that once I get things the way I like them, I don’t really change them. Unless I […]

Farmhouse Fall Decor for the Formal Dining Room


Farmhouse Fall Dining Room Decor

Last Memorial day weekend was all about cookouts, cottages and flea markets. This year will most likely be spent at home with my family hopefully enjoying some nice weather and the garden. We have been so busy around the farm getting ahead of all our projects during this time at home and weather permitting it […]

My Favorite Places for Antique and Handmade Online


Linen apron with Ruffle Detail

While this post of Abby’s Chicago was made in 2014 These places are all still in business today as of 01/21/2021. Thank goodness! If you are looking to head to some fun shops outside of the Chicago area there is my friend Mark’s store just a short car ride away! ok brace yourself this is […]

abby’s chicago


i’ve always always always wanted to try my hand at a pallet wall garden and honestly never had the time to just sit and do it. i actually had a saturday not too long ago when joe was out of town and i had the house and tools to myself. i went the warehouse friday […]

How to build a wall garden.

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