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i am perfectly aware that having little vintage collections is just a polite way of saying hoarding. just like saying “over served” is for drunk or “delegation” is for i don’t want to do this project. you know? but it just sounds better to call all of these things in my home collections rather than […]

little vintage collections

House & Home

i’m not a hoarder… i’m a collector. i’m a collector of vintage table clothes, pyrex, hazel atlas pink dishes, ceramic collies, paint by numbers, wool plaid blankets, plaid metal coolers and jadeite. hey everything has it’s place right!? my jadeite shelves were starting to fill up so i had to make room. heaven forbid i […]

jadeite on parade

House & Home

it’s been a looooong time since i did a post about picking, flea marketing, junking, hoarding etc. i am a collector…a minimalist collector. ok no i’m not. i love collections. i love having something little to hunt for while i’m searching for a big piece so i don’t walk away a loser. however a lot […]

how to collect jadeite

House & Home

it must be hard to be the middle room. you’re not the dining room but your not the living room you are this in between room. you can’t have a lot in the center because people need to walk through you to get to the living room. when i saw this glam coffee table i […]

glam coffee table

House & Home

sometimes things work out in interesting and mysterious ways. like when you buy all brand new bedding a week before you get struck with the epic plague of 2015. i never get sick but when i do it’s always around the holiday time. one year i was so sick  i missed almost every christmas party. […]

buffalo check in bed

House & Home

    i was going to show ya all of my holiday decor in one post but considering i’m posting 15 pictures of my mantle.. i thought best to divide it up even though i only decorated one room. it is kinda sad but totally in line with my personality that i would unpack all […]

my holiday vintage mantel

House & Home

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