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well we are getting back in to the swing of things from our last family getaway of 2018 and spent it up in northern michigan. the more we go there the more i just fall in love with it and hope that each year i get to spend more and more time there. northern michigan […]

northern michigan family getaway


Just one more thing checked off the Christmas list, Ottos meeting with Santa Claus. This year Otto is all in on believing in Santa and he was adamant that he had to get Santa his list. When my friend Sarah announced she was doing mini sessions with Santa I signed us up thinking it would […]

Otto Meets Santa Claus


Pictures with Santa

It’s Thanksgiving 2020 and for the first time ever Joe and I (and Otto) are having Thanksgiving by ourselves. With everything that is going on in the world we thought it best to just stay put this year. It leaves a sting in my heart. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about relaxing with […]

Thanksgiving 2020


Family Photos in the apple orchard in michigan

After months of shut downs and quarantine this spring, this family was finally getting back into the swing of things around here. Otto was finally not throwing a fit about going to daycare in the morning, Joe and I were able to get work done again at the office, things just seemed to be plugging […]

The great dodgeball game of 2020


Fall Family Photos

I get asked quite a bit who takes all of your photos!? It’s typically either my husband Joe or my pal Ashley. It took me a long time to get my rhythm and learn how to take quality photos for my blog but once I stared to dive in, I learned to really love it […]

Beginner Photography Tips


Family Photo Shoot in the Garden by the old shed

I don’t even have to close my eyes to remember exactly where i was at this time two years ago when otto had his open heart surgery. It was hot and Joe, baby Otto and I went for a walk to dinner in downtown Grand Rapids before we headed to the guest room at the […]

two year surgery anniversary


Family photos To celebrate otto's 2 year anniversary from Surgery

it’s been a while since i did an update on otto’s feeding progress. he has grown leaps and bounds over my last update so much so that many of my newer followers had no idea he was primarily g tube fed. which based on where we were last year is an absolute blessing. about two […]

otto feeding update


Otto wearing janie and jack on the farm

My final gift guide of the holiday season is gift ideas for grandparents. I keep a notepad in my car so I can jot down ideas (not while actively driving) when I hear of an idea on the radio/podcast or something comes into my head. Many of these gift ideas come from a place of […]

Gift Ideas for Grandparents


Christmas Cookies for Friends

The garden is 100% officially done. We had two really harsh frosts this week and the dahlias that were left standing are officially brown. It was a true gift to be able to cut flowers all the way in to October. One of the good things to come from 2020 was a strong and healthy […]

Final Florals from the Garden

Farm & Garden

Vintage Oil Painting of man

I love the phrase “if it grows together it goes together”. Right now on the farm we have wild blackberries, mulberries and elderflowers popping up all over the farm and I am scurrying around trying to pick them before the birds do. I often find myself quietly talking to myself as I pick them. More […]

Making Elderflower Cordial From Foraged Elderflowers

Food & Beverage

Making Elderflower cordial

Before I get started on this post I want to preface it by saying it does not bother me at all when people ask me if we are going to have another child. I choose to look at it from the standpoint people must think we’re doing a pretty good job with Otto that we […]

Yea it just might be us three.


Red Jumpsuit Poppy Field

There were no church pews crowded with people in pastels and big easter hats. No scents of fresh spring hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and lilies filling the sanctuary. There was no vibration of voices shaking the walls with hymns of Christ’s resurrection. Just like the grinch who stole Christmas, it felt like for a moment that […]

Easter with Otto at Home


Toddler Jellypop Easter BUnny Plush toy

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