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surprise!!! we are in napa. it was a pseudo on a whim trip half planned half not. we had the flight and hotel booked for a while but seriously packed the morning we left and reserved everything on our cell phones. i felt very millennial about that. we arrived at 11am CA time which was […]

finally friday napa edition


Growing up we never had beets, brussels or radish in our house. We were very traditional vegetables eaters (broccoli, beans, cauliflower etc). As an adult i’ve been eating all the beets I can get my hands on. I love them pickled on salads, roasted beats mixed in with potatoes, steamed beats with a bit of […]

Roasted Beets Caprese Salad with Truffle

Food & Beverage

Roasted Beet Caprese Salad with Truffle Recipe

i’ll admit it yet again, i was one of those gals who hated mushrooms without even trying them. i would pick mushroom out of my lasagna and turn up my nose to them at the farmers markets. but then that day where we had them on a road side stand pizza place in napa… my […]

mushroom and goat cheese stratta

Food & Beverage

mushroom and goat cheese stratta

this weekend was amazing. i took a nap. I can’t tell you the last time i did that. it wasn’t intentional it just happened as i was putting otto down for his at the cottage. we both just slowly drifted off to sleep only to wake four hours later realizing that it was 5pm and […]

polka dot sezane dress

Style & Fashion

sezane polka dot dress

anthropologie outfit details sweater: anthropolgie (size M)  shorts: ag boyfriend (size 31) sold out similar here shoes: tory burch old but similar here and bargain version here.   we are spending a few days alone in napa this week and it honestly feels like just yesterday we were here. our first trip was about 7 […]

anthropologie lobster sweater

Style & Fashion

summer days on the lake with my anthropologie sweater.

I can’t believe that ten years ago today i was waking up at my parents house on the day of our wedding. sometimes it feels like ten years ago and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. the day was an absolute blur and really one of the only memories i have from the day is […]

ten years of marriage


10 years of marriage

i did something when i was in new york. i went to gucci. i wasn’t going to do any harm i was just having a few hours to myself in new york city and was just browsing. i went to the location in soho and was just stunned. the colors, the design, the velvet and […]

Plaid Free People Top

Style & Fashion

what a weekend. i mean like seriously. i’m going home because i have to. i am going kicking and screaming though because i am in my element here. the people are my people and the food is fantastic. i don’t wanna go home. i’m going to try and break this down as best i can. […]

weekend recap wine country edition


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