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Under normal circumstances I am a salty over sweet kind of gal. My great grandma Sjaarda always said she would choose a piece of cheese over chocolate and I would have to agree that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That is 99% of the case unless I’m close to one of my favorite […]

Small Business Special: Mokaya Chocolate Grand Rapids

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Best Dessert Place in Grand Rapids

Around this farm I live in my aprons, every time I forget to put one on I always end up with olive oil splashed up the front of me. In the summer I wear them straight out to the garden to gather veggies and herbs for dinner. I also keep them on straight through dinner […]

Budget Linen Aprons under Twenty Dollars

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budget linen apron

Like previously stated this year I am not making goals or resolutions for this new year. 2021 is already off to a rocky start and I’m finding myself sinking a bit deeper and deeper into the seasonal depression that a lot of midwesterners get this time of year. The days are dark and snowy and […]

Word of the year: Invest

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Word of the year Invest

It is hard sometimes to find the best pieces at Free People and  I’m well aware that there might be an “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear” situation. If you shop regularly at Free People you know what I’m talking about. On the model it looks like a dreamy, flowy dress perfect […]

How to find the best pieces at Free People

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Curly Hair with Cream Tunic

The year 2021 is a fresh start, a blank slate. A year that we hopefully will be able to reintroduce ourselves back into everyday society. I hope it is a chance to really get dressed again and go places. While there are some trends I am very excited to see returning like academia style fashion […]

Three Fashion Trends I wish would go away in 2021

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Three fashion trends I hope do not make a resurgence in 2021

Even during the pandemic, trends emerge and since late August academia style is back. We are at the point where we are post holiday excitement and pre spring waiting. While I do love the fresh start that January offers I long for the time of gardening, farmers markets and patio dining. However this quiet time […]

Everyday Academia Style

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Zip up plaid poncho

Nobody puts baby in a corner and nobody puts sequins back in their closet after the holiday season. It’s no secret that I am a sucker for sequin dresses or just sequins in general. You can wear a sequin dress on a gloomy January day and still feel a pit of a pep in your […]

How to wear Sequins after the Holiday Season

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Puff-sleeved Sequined Dress

This outfit, I could have kept going. I could have added a brooch and some jewelry to my pink plaid blazer, bowtie, sequin pant ensemble but there comes a moment in every girls life where she has to draw the line somewhere. Looking back a brooch would have been nice. Maybe my simple bug brooch […]

Sequin Pants with Plaid Pink Blazer and Bows.

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Goodbye 2020

I am putting together this guide to jacket styles while I’m about to assemble a rack I just bought on Amazon to house…my overflow jackets. Let me explain! I rarely if not ever get rid of my coats. Coats fit me if i’m having a skinny year or a heftier year. They’re like shoes. They […]

Your Guide to Jacket Styles

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Neon Orange Coat

“Forget it”. I said I as clicked “ORDER” on this mint tulle skirt. I’m not going really anywhere right now but in my head I have future dinners with friends, trips to take and shows to see and I’m going to need a skirt to do it in. Sure sure they are going to be […]

Mint Tulle Anthro Skirt

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Gold Sequin Sweater

It’s Thanksgiving 2020 and for the first time ever Joe and I (and Otto) are having Thanksgiving by ourselves. With everything that is going on in the world we thought it best to just stay put this year. It leaves a sting in my heart. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about relaxing with […]

Thanksgiving 2020


Family Photos in the apple orchard in michigan

  Black Friday is coming earlier (online) my friends. Madewell just posted that all of their site is 30% off! Which means my new favorite jacket / shirt thing is 30% off. This was the only thing I ended up putting my closet after a rowdy round of “keep or return” on my instagram and […]

Madewell Plaid Coat Jacket

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Plaid Madewell coat