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Why I Love Raised Garden Beds

Last weekend Joe and I spent the greater part of our weekend working out in the garden getting our new garden beds into place. It was not work for the faint of heart. It was TOUGH. We welcomed the excuse to keep busy though (at least I did). With the loss of Binks our beloved […]

New Metal and Wood Garden Beds


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child get so excited over a new jute rug for his bedroom that he doesn’t even sleep in than Otto. When he walked into his bedroom after I put the rug down he yelled “MOM! Did you order this for me?! Thank you! I love it! It’s so […]

Otto’s New Bedroom Jute Rug


Otto and his new Jute Rug for his gender neutral sheep bedroom

Like previously stated this year I am not making goals or resolutions for this new year. 2021 is already off to a rocky start and I’m finding myself sinking a bit deeper and deeper into the seasonal depression that a lot of midwesterners get this time of year. The days are dark and snowy and […]

Word of the year: Invest


Word of the year Invest

the gifts are opened, the balloons have deflated and Otto is officially a three year old. I woke up this morning and thought no way he’s now over three. Then I looked at how big he was sprawled out in my bed horizontal taking up the entire space. I was unfortunate enough to get the […]

The story of a three year old


Rylee and Cru Seagull outfit

The construction dust is literally settling at the shop and we have been able to dedicate some focus back to our website and continue to upload the new arrivals from the store to the site. Last week my pal Ashley and I photographed some of my favorite new arrivals from around the store to feature. […]

New Clothing Arrivals at The Found Cottage

Style & Fashion

The Found Cottage Clothing Section

I don’t think we’ve ever been this far ahead in our farm to do list ever. We have been using every spare minute to tackle our projects around this farm and it feels good. The garden is almost completely planted, the roses are dug, the sheep are sheared, the chicken coop is cleaned…. For the […]

Vertical Investments for the Garden, One Year Review


Empty Garden Titan Squash Tunnel

The one thing that has always given me refuge in dark times is my garden. It doesn’t matter if it was my small 4×8 bed at our old home in Byron Center, container pots on my patio or my garden now at the farm. There is something about watching seeds burst out of the ground […]

New Seed Starting Product for The Garden

Farm & Garden

Park Seed Bio Dome 80 Cell Double for seed starting

I’m not quite sure when I came across my first piece of Ironstone but somehow it’s exploded into yet another collection, go figure.  Unlike Jadeite or Pyrex Ironstone can be a little harder to identify. Jadeite is known for it’s green translucent color and Pyrex has it’s signature patterns Ironstone has several different makers and […]

A New Collectors Guide to Ironstone


A beginners guide to Ironstone

I have been really trying to take care of my skin. A few years ago I started noticing sun spots on my hands and cheeks and I started to wear sunscreen every single day on my face and hands. With how much I am outside during the day it was much needed. You can visibly […]

Operation Dream Skin with Renewal Skin Spa


Renewal Spa Visia Analysis Machine

I can’t let a good coupon go to waste. Even though I would hardly call 15% off a “good coupon” but Sephora rarely has sales and i’ll take what I can get. This year I’ve been really trying to focus in on skin care. I was using whatever product I thought had pretty packaging and […]

Top New Beauty Products

Style & Fashion

Gal Meets Glam Maxi Dress from Anthropolgie

we still have one or two weeks left of strawberry season here in michigan but i have made myself vow no more canning jam. i have enough to last me the next three years. canning is like therapy to me. i finished my jam after otto had gone to bed and sitting at my kitchen […]

New add in’s for homemade strawberry jam

Food & Beverage

New add ins for homemade strawberry jam

I can’t believe that ten years ago today i was waking up at my parents house on the day of our wedding. sometimes it feels like ten years ago and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. the day was an absolute blur and really one of the only memories i have from the day is […]

ten years of marriage


10 years of marriage

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